Monday, April 20, 2009

Lagu besh!

So korang da tau kan... apa kejutan minggu ni?

Heh.. sapa suka ngan RA wanita baru bebudak?

Anyway, aku nak lepak ni, but kalao ada yang tertinggal Diari tadik, nanti aku update. Sementara tuh, ni la senarai lagu tugasan tuk minggu nih, minggu ketujuh.

PS - Takziah buat Sarimah yang baru kehilangan ahli keluarganya. Korang tengok dia wat Diari ceria, padahal dia sedih sangat, cover demi tugas.

PPS - For those losers yang bising (memula sorang dua fanatik ni tegur aku tima), tapi skang aku panas hati kerana ada yang kata Hafiz dianaktirikan dapat lagu 'tak popular'. Matilah! hanya kerana playlist berbekalkan illegal download, jangan nak feeling kata lagu ni sampah ok! Kang menang AIM nak kata Hafiz yang popularkan. Ni la maksud aku bila kata kekadang budak dalam tu ok, peminat lak yang akan akibatkan kejatuhan dengan perangai. Whatever it is, I'm sure, Hafiz, and all the kids for that, will do their assignments great sebab honestly, minggu ni aku paling suka songlist. Just because YOU have never heard of the song, or YOU don't like it, or YOU think it's not popular, doesn't mean the kids can't do it.



dasat giler..kang ada plak yg afundi marsha...sukernyer...kan bgs kalo dia pun bole buat persembahan...ra yg paling jelita sepanjang af

tak sabar nak tgk aril perform lagu nakal......mesti kasi pecah punyer!!!!

tahniah tenaga pengajar dan team produksi.. senarai lagu yg mantap.. mcm ni la br tidak pilih bulu.. hopefully pelajar dapat "mentranformasikan" diri dan buat pesembahan yang hebat dan menghiburkan..

nota bulu kaki:
min malek siapakah dia iteww?? opps!!

gila tatau min malik!!!! malek noor tau? huahuahauhaua

hahaha thank u joe, thank u astro! padan muka fan hafiz yg diva tu.ambik ko hafiz dpt lagi lagu yg ntah pape. confirm jadi mcm pak belalang. harus out minggu ni!

thank you joe..sure hafiz keluar minggu nih...produksi memam\ng nak kuarkan hafiz jugak kan...yes...padan muka hafiz ngan fan dia yang diva dan demanding walaupun diorang mengundi..kan..kan..kan..kan....bagi lagi lagu2 teruk..kalau dia ader lagi minggu depan.....

hafiz dpt lagu best!!!! i hope the fans stop being paranoid after this.

OMG...gila best playlist ni. and hafiz got one of the best songs! sapa yang tak pernah dengar lagu ni, gi la dengar....gila layan siot.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

An Open Letter to Principal Tiara

Assalamualaikum Principal Tiara
We, Fans and Friends of Hafiz would like to express our deepest frustrations and our dissatisfaction on the song selected for our dear Hafiz this week ie a long winding hip hop rap song Kau Punya Aku by Malique featuring Najwa. We watched the diary tonight and we noticed that even you, PRINCIPAL TIARA is unsure who Najwa is! How come? tsk tsk tsk looks like someone is not doing her homework ~~
Have you even listened to that song? The whole song? Dont you take part in the selection of songs for your students or you just leave that job to someone else. Principal Tiara, Malique the professional hip hop rapper sounded like he was READING from a script in that song with just 1 single note. wawawawa ... So with that, what are your expectations from Hafiz? What more can an amateur student like Hafiz do to improvise that song to make it better?! What I am trying to tell you here is even though this is a good song :: IT IS NOT SUITABLE FOR A COMPETITION.
Have you ever gone through the list of songs that has been sung by the individual students? Have you even noticed that HAFIZ had been getting songs that are just TOO OLD for him? The only song that was hip and current was his 1st song which was also HIS CHOICE, Lagu Kita. He performed excellently. Juries were impressed, audience applauded, even you enjoyed and was proud of his performance and you even awarded him the Pelajar Cemerlang award that 1st week, remember?
Tonight's diary showed you commenting on Hafiz saying that this was not his best performance. He could do better than that. OF COURSE HE COULD DO 10 TIMES BETTER THAN THAT IF YOU COULD ONLY GIVE HIM A FAIR CHANCE, A GOOD SONG LIKE YOU HAVE ASSIGNED TO THE OTHER STUDENTS.
Do you actually think that this hip hop song is a challenge for his Hafiz' vocal? Havent you been listening to the comments made by the juries? A MORE CHALLENGING SONG FOR HAFIZ! Or are the juries to be ignored. Just accessories to beautify the Dewan? So which part of the song, to your professional knowledge, Principal, is the real deal that could challenge Hafiz' vocal?
Principal Tiara, this is not helping Hafiz at all. Back to the recent bout of favouritism and biasness in the academy, its slowly revealing the fact that it is true, isnt it? Instead of helping Hafiz to menuju puncak, it seems that the academy is trying to push Hafiz down with all these songs!
Hafiz' Fans and Friends sound like we are forever complaining, displeasure about this and that. Do you receive complaints and whines from other fans, Principal Tiara?
If you do, arent you going to attend to the complaints and try to rectify the problems?
If you dont, doesnt it show that only Hafiz had been treated unfairly thus the complaints?
We all know its impossible to make everyone happy! This is not so much about being happy or self satisfaction or craving for special treatment. Hafiz is not desperate for love and affection in the academy. This is all about being fair! Never mind the minimal airtime for Hafiz, never mind the teachers' sour faces when Hafiz receives positive comments from juries, its OK that he doesnt receive the best student award anymore, these do not affect his votes.
Principal Tiara, we appreciate that the academy acknowledged Hafiz as a versatile singer. For 6 weeks, he has proven that whatever songs of whatever genre that was slapped on to him, he managed to deliver well even though he struggled a bit during the last concert. After 6 weeks, dont you think its time to give him a break, Principal? Dont you think he has given enough and worked hard enough to prove that he truly is a versatile entertainer? Dont you realise that he had been struggling so hard trying to make the best out of some unheard of songs which made even the original singer proud?
We were so happy to hear that AF7 is being headed by a lady. Not any other lady but you, Tiara Jacquelina. Personally, I had always looked up to you as a very intelligent and sophisticated lady. We thought you could bring changes and transform the traditional ways of twisting the drama to sway votes to something more intelligent ... and we are still waiting.
All we ask for is, if you could give a popular current hit song to a student whose voice you know suits the song perfectly well, could you also give Hafiz that chance too? He deserves a good song too dont you think so? I believe its not too late to change his song this week. Could you please look into it, Principal? If the other students can get a song of their preference by their idol singer, so can Hafiz right?
Posted by Hafiz Akademi Fantasia 7 at 12:20 AM

apa kata ko suruh tiara bagi hafiz pilih lagu dia sendiri tiap tiap minggu.budak lain takyah, hafiz je.

aku rasa ni cadangan yang sgt baik.ko rasa?

best je lagu2 mnggu ni..


FioNa pn ade .. AC mesti join skaLi ni nanti..

To 'you know who you are', Please... jgn lah benci Hafiz sangat. Dia tak buat salah pun. In fact, semua budak2 kat dlm akademi tu tak buat salah. Saya enjoy tengok akim yang benar2 represent teenagers, aisyah yang senyum sentiasa, hafiz yang selamba, yazid yang 'so dalam'...etc...They are just so normal, as normal as you and I. Siapa pun pemenang AF7, ia tidak menjanjikan forever success! Terima mereka seadanya.

Peace.....together we save the environment.


Dalam kebanyakkan post dimana-mana sahaja ..saya perasan HAFIZ FANS kuat sangat bersungut...komplaining sana-sini... then asyik mengutuk student lain sebelum puji hafiz..... AGAK MEMBOSANKAN juga melihatkan cara pemikiran FANS HAFIZ NI.

Wah..sekarang ada open letter pulak tu...kepada prinsipal..... hmmm APA NAK JADI DENGAN FANS HAFIZ YANG TAK PERNAH BERPUAS HATI.

Kerana sifat ini....i dah mula bosan dengan HAFIZ..... boring jugakan..... bila kita jumpa setiap post dari fans budak ni...sure terselit kata-kata komplain...dan kutukan buat pelajar lain.......

SUDAH-SUDAHLAH TU...perangai cam tu seperti FANS HAFIZ NI tak educated langsung....TAKUT kepada bayang-bayang sendiri.....


ps untuk klubbkid ..i suka buka blog u...sebab ada lagu-lagu student....kekadang i biar blog u open...just to dengar lagu-lagu tu....thaks ya....

that Open letter written by sapa tu?

by Hafiz fans?

ke Vernon? haha.... Vern..Vern..Vern..lawak betul.

aku rasa ada satu anon kat atas ni tadi suggest, apa kata PRINCIPAL SURUH HAFIZ SNDIRI PILIH LAGU, Is really really brilliant idea.

again, keep up the good work bro! kita sokong semua students, sekarang yang ada dalam akademi, are the ones yg betul2 can be a winner, the only matter is, sapa yg bole excel throughout the journey. cuma yazid tu la..(apa yang dia "dalam" sangat tu tak tawla..meh sini bwk jumpa aku, taula aku nak buat cemana, heheh...gurau2 je)

I have been keeping quiet since the first concert and I will like to share my honest opinion after so many controversies.

Well, I agree that Hafiz has good vocals and he nail every song that is given but he still lack of stage present. Maybe you won't agree with me and you would think that the production is being bias against him. Isn't it a good think to get a boring song - as fan of HAFIZ like to mention - and take it as challenge. Common be more matured.


can u please tell ARIL supaya dia wat gaya geleng2 kepala time perform lagu nakal..wahhh demand lak kan..hu2

pasal fan Hafiz..
no komen..fanatik memg mcm tu lah..krn sikap dorg..lama2 org akan jadik xsuka Hafiz..kesian Hafiz

apsal tetiba marsha jadi R.A? rasanya tak bagus la. akan mengganggu student jer. nampak bias la. bila aril muram terus bwk kan marsha. apa kes nih???

takde sapa yang benci hafiz.its just his dia are making ppl meluat.

memang meluat pon fans hafiz yang MELAMPAU MEROYAN MACAM CIPAP BERKULAT!afundi hafiz,afkeluar peminat hafiz!

- Joe, Salam Takziah kat Sarimah. Big Hug!

- VOTE 4 MARSHA!!!! GILERRR BEST!!! NI SATU MENDE YG AKU PALING SKE MUSIM AF7 NI! SEYES CAKAP!!! CIUM JOE (merasalah feeling gay kann!! wakakakakka ... matilah ko!)

- Amboi, ada surat terbuka gaks kew? Fan Hafiz ni asal trauma & inferior sangat!!! Jangan risau lah ... think +ve, mgkin lagu tak fofuler tp pas Hafiz nyanyi maka fofuler lah iya .... huahuahua ... Hafiz bbakat. Kalau undi sal rasa "kenegerian" ... album kuar nti ... org "negeri tu" je kerr yg beli album??? pikir masak2! huhuhuhu ... jgn pasal peminat x sedar diri ni, org anti Hafiz lak. huh

p/s: setuju kata anon kat atas, afundi Hafiz, Afout Fanatik Meroyan Hafiz!!! huahuahua


Hello Joe,

keep up the good work!! Could you please tell Aril to cheer up!! To hell with those people who dont like him..He has soared so much in terms of his performance and we would like to see more of him..
I myself know him personally. he is committed in his work, very creative in his art and design and mendengar kata.
We, professionals, are rooting for him, not to mention votes coming from teenagers...

hrp pihak produksi suruh hafiz pilih sendirilh lagu dia..senang cite...

Dlm Hafiz..yg paling kenegerian, yang paling suka kutuk pelajar lain, yang syok sendiri perasan hafiz tu terlampau bagus utk AF...yang tk habis2 komplen...

Fuhhh...siap ada open letter tu...

I have nothing against sekarang aku mmg nk Hafiz keluar kerana meluat tgk fan dia

ha ah aku setuju.dalam sejarah AF, hafiz punya fans yang paling kenegerian, and yang paling demanding.semua benda tak cukup baik untuk hafiz.

kalau camni, baik je la bagi hafiz pilih sendiri lagu dia, bagi dia pelajar cemerlang every week takpon suruhla hafiz jadi principal.senang cerita.

i have nothing against hafiz.i think hes a nice boy, tapi fans dia ya ampuuun.

OK-lah lagu2 tu.. oh. jom AF buat theme acoustic!!

aku nak lagu Blower's daughter! hoho
acoustic kan je lagu2 melayu lain2 dgn arrangement lagi mantop.. acis msti mampunye...

bole la kite denga suara2 student2 kesayangan kita ni lebih jelas.. hehe

ning,p.ramlee ke, sheila majid ke bla bla bla.. mcm masuk je..

ini pendapat saya je la cikgu

kelakar baca open letter dari anon kat atas. emo tul. mcm bebudak pun ader.. :D relek la.. hafiz tu kan sedang belajar.. jgn di manjakan sangat. bagi la dia peluang belajar menghadapi cabaran sebelum dia mnghadapi cabaran yg sebenarnya selepas tamat pengajian kat akademi fantasia nanti. cabaran yang bukan lagi fantasi.

i personally suka aril dan hafiz. kalau suka seseorang kita kena trust dia.
anon tu suka sangat kat hafiz tapi dia tak trust hafiz leh bawa lagu tu ngan baik. ishhh kecik ati hafiz anon oiii ko perkecilkan bakat dia.

stop being all fans out there..

keep on voting your favourite student...

i dont have any qualms against any of these student...

i hate reading any of sarcasm remarks from any other student fans etc..neh rumah joe okeh..slumber badak ah weh..nk throw hatred comments wat use..ade dorang kesah?

(well ko ckp pasal si hafiz bagai..reflect gak kan kat korang? baik jangan cakap kan? sama jek kalau ko duk kutuk hafiz punya fans, samakan level korang,wat downgraded kan diri korang jek (kan korang x suka panatik jangan ler panatik ngutuk...lemau la korang..)

jadik aku cadangkan..xyah nk provocation melampau neh..korang kacau wat pe? korang kutuk ke ape..ade dorg kesah? korang vote jek favourite student..

about the teacher etc..

kita xde kat sana, kita tak tau the situation..stop jumping on conclusion..aku yakin depa sama tumpuan..cuma dalam diari tu nan ado...aku pun heran skit bab tuh..

satu nak pesan kat kakjahku..pleaselah tolonglah jangan tunjuk perangai hollier than thou ko tu..ko kata sikit pun aku x caya ko ikhlas tunjuk baik..dalam forum pun ko duk cocok sana sini..sama jek..dalam blog kata x nk cepat komen benda betul dr sudut technical pun nk berangin angin..kata xnk kan af.

af neh kan hiburan, aku selaku yg ikut dr af1 lagi sedih tgk fans2 macam neh..esopecially yg bahasa x jiwa bangsa..

yang kau ni terlebih emo pulak ni pehal.

you, yourself are downgrading yourselflah kiranya sekarang ni mengutuk fans lain?tgkla.hafiz punya fans ni kenapa diorang ni cam panas je memanjang?


kelakar weh.

matilah fan hafiz dah meroyan..matilah

aku bukan cocok ok..aku tusuk je..
fakta ok..terimalah hakikat..JOE pon dah ckp psl pangai la sket pangai phd korg tuh

hahahahha emo gitu. sape kata af7 tak best. tengok surat terbuka ngan komen emo ada di mana mana. mau nya tak best :D

alahaiiiii.. banyak songeh betul fan hafiz yang hantar surat terbuka tuh. susah susah tukar je lagu hafiz ngan lagu aril. aril pun macam suke jer ngan lagu malique tu. tak der hal nyer.dia gerenti boleh bawak lagu tu.

tu hafiz fans, ignore (and take action against those who sibuk nak provoke - ni reverse psychology nak jatuhkan hafiz!)

keep afundi-ing hafiz.

to other fans, biarkan yang beragenda meroyan. teruskan afundi untuk pelajar kesayangan anda no matter what.