Thursday, March 30, 2006


I could say watch Gubra, the latest offering from Yasmin Ahmad. But knowing kan mentality orang kita, kalao kata bagus, and that it is indeed worth a watch, the self-appointed skeptics mesti rebutt balik and scream bloody murder, protesting the suggestion for whatever reasons best known to them.

So I'll try a little of reverse psychology. Don't watch Gubra!!! Boleh?

But there is some seriousness to that joke, though if it indeed was an honest statement, I would add, don't watch Gubra....if you're wallowing in self-pity like me.

Now...that's better.

For one of THE BEST, if not already at the top of the pile of mediocre mainstream crap we get, catering to the hormonal adolescent teen market, starring the latest in-fashion pin-up.

Aku nak tulis review pasal Gubra semalam dalam blog aku, walaupun aku jarang akan review apa pun (sebab tu da keja aku-perlu ke dalam blog pon aku nak main review-review). But hours even after watching the movie masa media preview kat KLCC semalam, I felt, for a need of a more accurate and encompassing word, empty.

Personally, I think because aku relate pada my emotional self, and my personal state of mind at the moment, explorations of the theme of love, was not the right thing to face. So the movie, which explored every facet of the emotion, just threw me into the deep end. Hence it took me some time to digest....

Gubra did something to me, that was the mark of all the great movies I've watched. It left an impact on me, even hours after it was over.

It inspired questions....and emotions. So ni sambil aku narrate...aku letak pic Nani tuk korang feel ek! By the way...Sharifah Amani ROCKS big time in Gubra!

Watching Gubra was an emotional experience...and while it may not be the same for you...that was what it did to me. Without even mentioning the technicalities of the production, just for what it stirred up inside me, Gubra gets a standing ovation from me. It's an A+ effort...a 10 out of 10 simply because it was 100% heart!

The story?

Boleh la Gubra dikira sambungan kepada Sepet, even though it's not. Berakhirnya cerita Sepet dimana Orked dipisahkan dengan Jason, bermulanya episod baru dalam Orked as a married woman dalam Gubra.

And like I said, the theme of love is prevalent. Love between Orked and the husband she thought would love and protect her. The insight into love between all the characters for that matter.

Sekaligus, simultaneous, kami juga dihidangkan with another story. Cerita pasal Temah. The in-depth, non-judgemental nature of the movie's script in tackling with the plot that revolves around prostitution, friendship and piety is simply overwhelming.

Acting? Thumbs up for almost all members of the cast, but I think everyone should determine for themselves.

Production wise? Lighting and set production is definitely one of the strong points of the movie, while camerawork has the Yasmin stamp all over it.

Storyline? Excellent!!!

Let me put it this way. Selepas habis movie, while semua orang excited over how it turned out, aku duduk diam je tuk sekejap. The movie, left me pining for a hug by someone....anyone.

I think there were about three points in the movie that provided me with the tear-jerking effect yang aku nangis sebab moved sangat.

The first was the intial stir I felt masa Orked dapat tau laki dia curang. But masa Orked marah tu nak tanak balik ngan laki dia, emotionally, I was revolting inside thinking "Dump that loser!" as I fought back tears (so drama queen right?) But trust me, we've all been there before, and it's uncanny how the emotion was captured in that scene to have me flashing into every bloody break-up I've been in.

The second was masa Orked melangkah masuk rumah Jason. Once you see the movie, ko paham kenapa dia ke rumah me...that part of the movie is going to have you bawling!

Langkah pertama dalam rumah je aku da menitis air mata....nevermind masa dia....nuts...just watch it already.

Scene mak dan ayah Jason tu sedikit ler moved, but the third and final scene aku rasa sent me the deepest message, was the final scene from the whole movie.

Part ni...ko kena tunggu pas movie abih...dok diam-diam sambil usher semua hentak-hentak pintu seolah menghalau dari panggung.

Wait for the credits to roll...and you'll see what the final scene is. Aku rasa nak sumpah Yasmin je time tu. Mana taknya...ada ke letak scene camtu masa panggung da pasang lampu....wat malu je aku menitis air mata lagik!

Damn...hilang macho aku! What a waste of investment in getting that tattoo to butch me up more. (perluke???)

All in all....I'm going to watch Gubra again....and I think...for the first time, aku nak persuade my mom (my dad impossible lah...dia tak suka kuar rumah) to watch the movie with me.

To all of the movie. Seriously. It's funny without being stupid. It's moving without being cliched. It's loaded without being preachy. And it's teary without coercion.

To Yasmin and Co. Thanks for the movie. And more importantly, thanks for the experience.

After aku abih tengok movie, gi makan, then hisap rokok kat perkarangan KLCC. All I have to say is, the weather betul-betul reflect the movie (ceh...promosi lagik!) as well as my mood after watching it.

Dark...brooding...and yet, still with that light shining through. Aiyo...I don't think I'm making sense. Nevermind. I'm yapping on and on and not making sense, watch the movie and then korang ler tengok sendiri what your reaction is.

Didn't do much the past few days. Lethargic as bloody hell.

Apa thing lighted up my day semalam. Couldn't stop smiling thinking about it. Aku kat Cheras having dinner, when I spotted this kedai game lah....tapi signboard dia, KEDAI PERMAIANAN.

Very the tak control bahasa. Very the lirik lagu...oops!

Anyway, I couldn't take a snapshot of that ridiculous display, but I got this other little signage where they also made a little mistake.

Bila da realise too late, tiba-tiba amik liquid paper, mark kat tepi konon. Member aku siap tak perasan marah-marah aku, apa dia...apa dia.

Mungkin dia dulu memang belajar kat selolah kot...(why do I keep imagining the word celluliute?)

By the way, kalau nak review Gubra yang proper sikit, gi blog sultanmuzaffar. atau just go to Yasmin Ahmad's blog. Good read, both of 'em. And kalau nak join the TSC Gubra Together-gether "Don't gabra-gabra, let's go see Gubra!", remember it's on hari Khamis, bersamaan 6 April 2006, time to be announced later. For more info email

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