Friday, March 06, 2009

Sayang... you can dance???!!!

Been tired running about ada hal sana sini. But malam tadi more so lor.

It's Indonesian themed week! My 'twin', Leo is in town, with Danny. So smalam lepak ngan meka kejap cause couldn't make it the night before sebab ada benda nak settle.

Yeay!! Leo got me a Project Pop CD. It's their compilation CD called Top of the Pop or something like that. Also some stuff he bought in Bali for me.

Pas tuh, rushed to Pavilion to see another Indonesian friend who was in town. Samuel Rizal!!! Gawd this dude is the best! Dia ni memang gila gila happy go lucky. So seronok dapat jumpa Sammy again cause the last time jumpa dia was about a year ago when he was in town pas shooting Sayang You Can Dance. And since this time he's only here a couple of days tak dapat lepak pun.

Anyway, thank to the invitation from kak Fati, joined her and uncle Rashid for the gala premiere of the event, which of course had Nani, Sammy, Dafi... ramai ler.

Also managed to catch up with friends there sebab ramai yang da lama tak jumpa, hadir.

On to pics je la.

The cast of Sayang You Can Dance

Camelia pun ada. Last jumpa dia pun da setahun

Adam joined to lend moral support

Don't you think Nani looks so damn sweet!

Soon to be mommy Leya. Due in June with TWINS!!!

Part of the happy family. Kak Fati is like another mummy so extended family betul la kiranya

Pas settle borak kat luar and they finished speeches and stuff, we all went in for the movie. Or otherwise, more camwhoring while waiting for the movie to begin (selain dari mengumpat apa yang patut la)

Marsha and Ajai

My other parents

Cam and her manager Magie

Samuel and I dok next to each other - and had the worst picture of me ever taken done. Argh..!!!!!! This is a case of bad angle!!! I look like a freaking beached whale!!!

Leya pun nak tau!!!

Anyway the movie was ok. Not disappointed, but it left a weird feeling cause the basics of a good popcorn movie was there, but lacking some punch. I don't know.

Technically the film was alright. Storyline a little cliche, editing was a little dodgy, choreography a tad disappointing and acting some of the cast members below par.

But it's got Sammy and Nani, so it was good enough for me. Go watch it. Worth it. Especially to catch the Yasmin Ahmad cameo tuh yang best!

Yawn.. ok la guys.. I need to turn in. The week is only beginning for me when it's ending for others. Esok aku ada lagik benda nak post. It's going to start.... by the way, jangan lupa Tirai Akademi Fantasia starts tomorrow night. The programme info semua on the right side punya sidebar. Later....

PS - Did catch up TV and watched Idol (predicted right for the third group and knew Jasmine and Anube would get in - THANK GOD Tatitana didn't), Heroes (pening siot.. every week cliffhanger memang suspen), America's Next Top Model cycle 12 (Tyra is so freaking cheesy!!!) and a couple of movies.

PPS - Faz shooting a telemovie so we all busy. Just one of those times...



"Anyway the movie was ok. Not disappointed.."

ermmm.. ;-)

oh gorgeous camelia !!!

as always :)

kirim salam kat dia ye joe

ajami : the trick is lowering your expectations. LOL!

dian : susah woo nak serempak cammy ni

hahaha..yeah. u do look very terencat in that pic with sammy.

tapi still very comel lah. jangan marah ye abang joe