Thursday, February 12, 2009

What the....

If you watched American Idol 8 today, for the announcement of the Top 36, you would have shook your head in disgust!

For me... most of my faves got in.

Everything took a downhill slide however with the first shock when Jamar Rogers... didn't make the freakin' cut! Are you kidding? Nak ala Mawi ke masukkan balik since everyone knows that is one boy who can holler in tune, unlike some of the trash they put through!

Oh goodness... all the buzz over his elimination aside - honestly... it didn't take a genius to see he deserved in - even the rest of the contestants thought he was a shoo-in to perform in the coming weeks for a spot in the show.

But oh no... the dumbass judges had something else in mind.

They actually put in the annoying twats that be Tatiana Nicole Del Toro (freaking weirdo who screams endlessly like she's got crabs constantly eating out of her infected snatch) and drama queen Nathaniel Marshall who can't sing to save his life.

Great! Jamar's presence doesn't register for them, but a chunky, screeching queen and a Boy George impersonator gone punk does.

Someone like Jamar apparently for them - is not a stand out act. Honestly glance through the top 36 and see how many actually registered for you.

For me the boys that caught my attention were Adam Lambert, Anoop Desai, Brent Keith, Danny Gokey, Kai Kalama, Michael Sarver, Stephen Fowler and if nothing else but for his inspiring life story, the visually impaired Scott Macintyre.

The girls lost out in actual talent with only Lil Rounds, Jackie Tohn and Jasmine Murray worth any airtime. The rest were either skanky rejects off some backyard American bar karaoke wannabes or just total mumbling zombies. Honestly.

But here's the clincher.

Being Jamar and Joanna back!!!!

The only other female contestant apart from Lil to have actually been able to be a worthy winner, Joanna Pacitti, has been DISQUALIFIED from competition even though she was seen getting in during the show!

She apparently 'isn't eligible'! According to a FOX press release issued after the show aired, naming the 36 contestants still vying for the Idol title, Joanna has been replaced with Felicia Barton - anyone remember what Simon said to her as she was kicked off? Talk about slim pickings.

Joanna signed with A&M Records when she was 16, and has had her songs featured on film soundtracks such as Legally Blonde and First Daughter. But what got her disqualified, though not pointed out clearly - was possibly over the debate over the fact that the failed pro singer was considered by some way beyond her league in a supposedly amateur competition.

Which shouldn't be much of a problems since production allowed her to carry on in the show anyway.

But now making its rounds is also word of her rumored close relationship with a pair of 19 Entertainment executives.

Joanna lived for a time in the same apartment building as 19's Michelle Young and Roger Widynowski, even referring to the former exec as her best friend; 19, of course, is the production company behind Idol.

Who gives a flying fuck? Honestly. Idol started out strong this year, but I think moving into top 12, it's going to be seriously whacked. Especially if it's going to be made up by the likes of Tatiana, Nate, Norman Gentle (he be funny, but seriously....) and what's that other chunky psycho bitch's name... Kristen? (the one who ignited the drama during Hollywood group rounds for not wanting to practise with Nate and Nancy).


Going back to Weeds. Idol is beginning to so suck! I want Jamar and Joanna back in the fucking show!!!

PS - I don't care if people say Joanna was a plant (as in someone planted by the production). Better a plant than a freaking over the top, screeching mound of blubber that is Tatiana Del Toro. Besides - if the plants are better - why not? After all, Fremantle the right owners should look into how abusive the plant system is with other Idol franchises. Malas nak cita lebih bab tuh.

PPS - Faz, thanks for the bottle of Chanel Allure. My mom LOVES it... and you. Heh...


16 comments: can that freaky-weird bitch, Tatiana get picked? i hope she doesn't get picked for the awful Jamar didn't get picked...he was definitely very talented...some are interesting but a lot of them are boring and typical...

before getting my work day started, the first thing I did was search the blogosphere for someone else reacting to this obvious blunder by the american Idol judges. Jamar out but Matt Breitzke in? I thought one of the criteria is, according to Simon, to be able to win the competition? Matt has an average voice and while may contestants polish their stage presence during the season, I can't see this happening with Matt. Jamar has the smooth tones of John Legend and a style all his own that's fresh and sharp. I will look for him!

i love reading this, it reminds me so much of the stuff you did with Malay Mail. Damn I miss your columns.

Do write in tangible english (matila all this while tak tangible ke heh) okay lah, proper newspaper colum-y english once in a while, it's a fresh blast of minty-fresh air...


it made me into tears to find out that jamar were rejected! how on earth would that ever happened? and I am dead agree with u about nathan, norman and tatiana! they are total disaster who surely not gonna make it to the top 12..surely waste of time!

Jamar I can understand but JOANNA??? Really dude????

azyze : as arnie said.. "i'll be barr-kkkkk"

haleem : sigh... stupidity, why bother trying to fathom it.

Anonymous : woud you prefer tatiana?

No, but I think Felicia did better than Joanna (who stumbled in ALL her songs in Hollywood rounds). I wonder how she got this far (other than being an eye-pleaser)

Frankie Jordan and Lenesha are other great choices.

Oh and I am speculating that Jamar was initially on the initial Top 36but 'disqualified by the producers' to be called later for the Wildcard Round. This will bring more drama to the BFF storyline (Danny).

agree on lenesha. but you know what. joanna has package for me and i think she would do well. she did screw up hollywood week for the solo round but hey kai and some others didn't do too well to. at the end of it, i think total package counts.

but agree they MAY be playing up the jamar sentiment.

aku suke la Tatiana tu, anoy sgt..haha.. wpon aku ppuan...


bring back jamar.......aku tersentuh n teruja giler tgk dia nyanyi hey gawd.....dia improvise lagu lovely.....

aku rasa nak bunuh je tatiana yg annoying tu....mcm gampang....masa dia tgh menggedik tu rasa nak terajang je...hahahahaha

I can feel the pain. Totally understood. But, wat 2 do? Thank God I stopped watching AI. It gets crappier & crappier each season....