Sunday, February 15, 2009

My girls

Yeay! I'm into the fourth season of Weeds already. Something tells me I am actually going to finish my catch up before work sets in.

Got to get some work sorted out tomorrow as well as some errands. Gawd I hate Mondays!

Tadik accompanied Faz to Zubir's birthday do. Thank you Zubir for the hospitality. Yeay... Maya and Liyana there too. Ainul too. Ok fine... so there were a few more people I know there, but I mention the ones I truly love. Heh...

Owh and bung Ramli pun ada. Bang... thanks again for the career advice. It's one of those moments aku bebetul appreciate. People like you and arwah Loloq and so many people I look up to in this business that spend those few moments to share your experiences with me, gives me strength to continue with my passion.

Thanks again ya bapak toyol.

My weakness now I have to address? How to learn to be a businessman. All my life people take me for granted. I am passionate about this business... and I often do things for free sebab tolong orang sana sini. No more. Helping out is fine... but I need to learn how to say no and learn to make money.

Nama je aku ni Cina, tapi I definitely don't fall into the stereotype. Tak pandai langsung bab bisnes. Alrighty then... from now on... I hope that I will be able to learn to be more corporate, more businesslike and yet still not compromise who I am - nor my passion for everything showbiz.

Mintak mintak la aku mampu...

Anyway, a few people asked me who I meant in my last entry. Malas la nak cita panjang. All I can say is, dunia hiburan nih attracts a lot of weirdos who think just cause they love a movie, or a song, that they deserve a way in to be part of this business, and be friends with practitioners. Some would mention gila glamer... what can I say. Da memang ada yang beriya sangat kawan ngan orang dalam industri ni... biar artis ke wartawan ke sapa saja la yang kena mengena ngan industri ni.

My mistake is not seeing them for who they are earlier sebab aku suka sangka baik orang. When they end up shitheads, it's a little too late. Da aku pun tak hingin orang tuh dalam hidup aku, masih lagik nak sibuk nak contact my friends konon leh make another trip into this life.

Whatever la... pathetic, I suppose some people would do almost anything just cause nak feel glam kot. That's something I'm unfamiliar with. Aku dari zaman aku belajar ke apa... I don't really get starstruck. I admire people for their gifts and talents, but takde la nak tergedik nak wat baik in hopes of being friends. Sheesh... that is just sad.

Oh well... I guess it takes all kinds to make up the world.

I have no time to be bitter. These type of leeches who pass for people are not worth my time. Baik aku focus my energy on what is necessary and leave karma to deal with all this bullshit.

Eh... da la. Nak share pics of my favourite girls. Faz, Maya and Liyana. Love you ladies!

Rasanya bung Ramli marah tak kalao off key nyanyi Happy Birthday

The Pisau Cukur duo - Faz and Maya getting getting CW

Yusry and Edry skali ngan Maya dan Faz having a chin wag

Bung Ramli.... golak bosa je dia ni. Heh...

Liyana senyum sebab teringat someone ke... heh....

Don't worry.. won't tell them about Australia.. oops!


Liyana and Ainul - BFF

Ok... now back to Weeds. Am tired out.. especially after stuffing up kat Rasta. Till 'morrow guys...

PS. Sila sedekahkan Al Fatihah for the late Tarudin Ismail, who passed on due to complications after a by-pass this morning. But Siti, Saida, Saerah... and members of the family, my condolences to all of you. May God bless the dearly departed... and all of you for strength to get through these difficult moments. Guys.. please say a prayer ok.



hermm..joe..wish u always best of luck in whatever u do..keep on moving for a better life n career..will always supporting u..

u go bro..araimate..chaiiyokk..!!

huahuahua. thanks. tunggu pengumuman tak lama lagik