Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Ok so I know I used a crappy blog poll service because it kept disappearing when I wanted to check the results. But anyway, here's what eventually the poll looked like. Thanks to the 101 of you who bothered to vote.

Looks like The Circus Starring Britney Spears tour is a favourite followed by Coldplay's Viva la Vida Tour and the Beyonce I Am... Tour. Following is Sticky & Sweet Tour by Madonna and a tie for fifth place for Katy Perry's Hello Katy Tour and Metallica's World Magnetic Tour,

Now... keep praying that I have good news coming soon. Thanks also to everyone for the extra suggestions you guys made. I will take it all into consideration.

Meanwhile, if korang leh suggest lagik kalao sudi.... which sporting legends would you like to see here?

I mean... think David Beckham making an appearance with Victoria, or Tiger Woods and so on.

Or what kind of musicals you want brought down here. Me prefer if the London cast of Phantom of the Opera could have a run here. But what do you think.

Anyway, back to the issue of concerts, yeap, Coldplay is NOT in the list for Sunburst KL 2009. While it was rumoured that the band would make the line up for the festival, Pineapple Concerts has issues the artistes involved and memang Coldplay takde.

But then again, I suppose you can keep hoping that they still will be a last minute inclusion... but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.

After all, Pineapple has the whole Rihanna postponement to deal with, and they'll only find out later this month whether the show will indeed go on here in Kuala Lumpur.

Seeing as to how things are going - I have a feeling refunds just may be in order soon. Kalao tak pon, lambat gila la baru menjadik sebab tak mungkin kot Rihanna nya show will take place so fast.

But, for those of you yang interested nak attend Sunburst, tickets are still available.

They had an early bird promotion which has pre-sale tickets priced at RM143 but with that offer over, pre sale tickets are now priced at RM203, while tickets sold at the door on show-day will cost RM253.

Sunburst KL 2009 have live performances across six stages.

There'll be the Sun & Sky Stage which will be the main platform for the international headliners and established local acts, while a massive indoor marquee will house the Livesounds Stage and Tuborg Loud & Clear Stage, showcasting the best local and regional acts in what they describe as a more intimate setting.

The Speedzone Interactive Tour will feature Formula 1 and Moto GP simulators within a futuristic club feel environment with deejays pumping out tunes.

My favourite would be the Silent Disco Arena which makes its first appearance at Sunburst. No speakers or anything will be there. Just 300 pairs of wireless headphones available piping in club tunes. Awesome!

To get ticket via AXCESS - CLICK HERE
For more information, visit the official Sunburst page - just CLICK HERE

Aku malas nak gi Sunburst kot, sebab tak impressed langsung with the line-up. But see if any of your fave acts ada, and kalao nak, my advice is get your tickets fast. Here are those who will be performing at Sunburst - confirmed so far.

More concert news. I hear from reliable sources there will be two more concerts coming your way being planned right now.

First up - fans of Ne-Yo can be happy because word is he'll be here as part of the Year of the Gentleman tour.

Also coming down here for a concert apparently is Mandy Moore.

Scheduled to release her latest album Amanda Leigh in May, Miss Amanda aka Mandy of course was in the news baru-baru ni cause she just hot engaged to Ryan Adams.

Away from concert news and info.

Malam tadi gi Actor's Studio with Faz, and joined by Cheryl and Segar to catch a stand up comedy act. Erm... I want my RM35 back. It was like the dude was bad or anything. Just not so funny.

Lepak and chilled and talked about Anugerah Bintang Popular 2008/2009 sebab joined by Zubir. Some of the pencalonan mengarut gila. Tak kisah la Faz tak dapat. Da bukan rezeki dia. But kelakarnya some of the names dalam senarai seriously weird! I mean... Nurul Alis (aku rasa dari RTM) in the list and not Sarimah Ibrahim for the Pengacara Wanita Popular? You're kidding right?

Heh... kira cam tahun lepas la tetiba Bard R1 yang orang tak penah dengar lagu, leh tercalon dalam kategori Penyanyi Baru Popular or whatever. So not even worth republishing the list here.

Am tired lor. Need rest. I just been back and now catchig up on the last episode of Heroes (which will only begin airing on Star on March 5... SODIHHH!!!) as well as Idol (die Tatiana!!)

Be updating later...

PS - Congratulations to Faizal Tahir on a new bouncing baby boy after his wife delivered earlier. CLICK HERE to read more.

PPS - Congratulations to Amber Chia for making Malaysia proud. Bangga aku lagik ngan dia dari with Bernard Chandran's Grammy red carpet disaster for Estelle. Amber will be making her runway debut at New York Fashion Week for the Victoria Beckham line. CLICK HERE for the story by The Star last week and CLICK HERE for some pics over