Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hurrah for Tatiana's exit!

Thank goodness Tatiana is out. After yesterday's first Idol live show, am glad my top three picks for best performers - were same as the judges and the American votes as announced on the results show. No surprises really as there was a distinct gap in quality of performances as many failed to deliver their best.

But got annoyed with Tatiana for the last time with her endless drama. I mean, she looked like there had been this huge mistake! Matilah ko!!!!

Hell yeah Alexis, Danny and Michael deserved in. But I just thought Anube deserved in too, and hopefully he'll be one of the wildcard choices. Please oh please don't let Tatiana make a comeback. Can't take much more of her drama. Though kalao dia tak masuk, bosan sikit kot takde orang nak carut.

Anyway next week is round two and I'm hoping my faves will perform the best they can to get a spot. I'm rooting for Jasmine, Kai and Adam. I think breakaway favourites, if they don't screw up their performances.

Anyway spent time in front of the boob tube with parents during dinner for some quality time.

Back when I was a kid, sessions watching Dynasty ke Dallas was quality family time. Now reality shows seem to have taken over. Oh well... who says TV isn't good for family bonding.

Pas da lepak ngan orang tua aku sat... headed to Sarimah's birthday party. Arrived there and a lot of familiar faces there. Seronok tol. Had fun, despite being a simple affair. Yang penting kengkawan ada so kecoh besh!

But yang penting... kek dia tuh. Makan hati!!!! Meletop kek Astro bagik! Korang tengok lah.

Makan hati!!!!

Sarimah confused which one is the real her

Oh well... why don't you guys guess *like du-uh*

Sarimah can't resist herself. Erm...

Does it look like Sarimah?

Love the details!

Sarimah sings along everyone's various off key renditions of her birthday song

Now make that wish

And remove 'yourself'

Now you can never ask Sarimah "what's up your..." Well you get the picture

Aku pun nak kek camtuh la. I love cupcakes! Especially when it surrounds a mother cupcake!

Anyway happy B-Day Sarimah. Enjoy your short hols before it's time to work! Ad sorry I broke 'your' arm... wasn't my fault it was melty.

Aku nak tido dulu. Besok ada meeting.

PS - I'm smiling but can't say why. Psssttt.... it didn't mean you guys ok. Everything was always cool. Ta!



You know what Joe? I like Danny,and I think he has a good voice. But I am tired of the I-am-a-widower-please-vote-for-my-dead-wife pimping. Did you see his family member with the DEAD WIFE poster and pointing finger to the picture during his performance.

Too much I tell you...

yup. overkill!!! that's why he's not my fave to win. too all out for the sympathy vote

watched the result show..
I was so surprised when Ryan called Michael and Anoop to the center stage and to find out only one of them made it through..

Am really hoping Anoop will make it to the top 12..

Jasmine and Adam will surely make the cut..

Dude its anoop not anube =p that said I hope to god that he will get a wildcard slot, that boy has too much potential to not get through. Not too fond of michael, his performance was just mehh for me, plus his voice never struck to me as 'WOW'. To each his own I guess. Here's hoping megan and matt will do better next week.

Wow! sarimah is looking better then before. by any chance if you can, Please send my regards to sarimah..with lots of love.

Thanks Joe!

Bila tengok Sarimah dengan Kek tu, teringat gelangat Dialog longhat utara dia dengan Erra Fazira yang Mr Mananger tulis.hehehe!!! SELAMAT HARI LAHIR SARIMAH...& SELAMAT HARI LAHIR ERRA FAZIRA JUGA....RAMAI JUGA YE ARTIS POPULAR LAHIR BULAN FEBRUARI....IKUT PSIKOLOGI....SIAPA LAHIR BULAN FEBRUARI MEMANG BIJAK !! BIJAK !!


JOe..terliur tgk kek sarimah tu..comel lak cupcake..kat mana erkk diaorg order cup cake tu..cute ler..promote aarrr kedai mana..

ntah. nanti aku tanya. aku pun suka. sodap lak