Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Malas nak blog hari ni. Am super pissed.

In our country, creativity has a very bad price tag to it. That's all I'm saying.

Who do we blame? For the eventual crap that we get over TV or radio, blame the executives in pretty suits who have no real fucking clue to what is going on, or what goes on and decide everything comes down to figures all the time.

People in position usually get there hardly due to their abilities, rather their ass kissing antics. Now I know why I love Dilbert comic strips so much. Cause as far fetched as they are, they reflect what's really going on.

Entahlah. So gung ho and yet disappointed with things.

Had a meeting just now. Have two tomorrow for something that came out of nowhere. Suddenly feel like singing the theme song for The Apprentice.

By the way guys... I need your help. Can you guys suggest names of performers you wanna see have concerts here?

Artistes you would pay to watch in concert live. Go for it. Tell me and I'll tell you sometime soon why I asked. This is your chance. So suggest away...

Here's a list of performers on tour that you can vote on. Note I left out Fall Out Boy because their ongoing tour is not a world tour, but if you like someone who is not on tour even but woud pay to watch, just add the name in the Comments section. Who knows.. your wish might just come true.

Note that Coldplay will apparently be here for the Sunburst Music Festival though nothing's confirmed yet. And yes I know PCD have been here before, but I'm talking full on concert.

Nevermind issues of censorship and such like what will be faced by Madonna, Beyonce or even Britney... just vote.

Apart from meetings, going for a play and a press conference. So no wallowing type blog posts tomorrow.



I voted for Metallica.

Amy Winehouse would be cool too

JT laaa..

winehouse pon awesome gaks.

if only Radiohead is coming to town... if not Snow Petrol will be good too... cheers!

Permaisuri Pop, Madonna le!!

But it will never happen.. tunggu dia kerepot dulu.

So the list of suggestions now include Norah Jones, Amy Winehouse, Justin Timberlake, Radiohead and Snow Patrol.

Any more?

Looks like everyone's curious n the Britney tour. But then again the last time she came here (Singapore actually) was to promote Ht Me Baby One More Time, way before the fame. If I'm not mistaken...

john mayer, britney and justin timberlake

U2! they're releasing their new album on March 2nd, sure ada tour lepas tu. And yes, Radiohead too. Keane, anyone?

Joe please... I want Britney!! I really want her to come.. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously kalau Britney datang, mesti sold out!!

i want BRITNEY SPEARS...suka tengok dia menari...

leona lewis,JT,the killers,and madonna.hehe.

Nama2 dicadangkan di atas banyak tak lepas TAPISAN (BN dan PAS). Norah Jones konfirm lepas.

Sade, John Mayer, Keane, Leona Lewis, The Killers is now added to the list of suggestions along with Norah Jones, Amy Winehouse, Justin Timberlake, Radiohead and Snow Patrol.

U2 and Green Day are actually going to be on tour so worthwhile suggestions.

Christina AGuilera... pls?
missed her concert at singapore last yr :(

Dear Sir,

I would love to see Jamiroquai.

Oh. And RHCP.

Please :)

Beyonce a.ka. Sasha


i love her to death.....hehehehe