Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Do not disturb!

Am stuck watching Weeds. Am on marathon, finishing season two, and beginning season three. Also watched Heroes da.

Damn I got lots of my fave shows to catch up! Hope America's Next Top Model and Proect Runway don't start before Heroes and Idol ends. Damn... watching too many programs and gotta finish thing fast with my catch up. Ta!

Be posting more soon.

PS - Got this from a friend. Estelle at the Grammys in Bernard Chandran. Should we be really proud a Malaysian designer was featured prominently on a red carpet for the biggest night in music, or should be be crying in shame for what must be one of the worst creations (supposedly fashionable) on this planet (though I think it belongs on some other planet). As they always say... Malaysia boleh! Boleh apa je tak tau.... left to be seen.

Estelle wore what she said was supposed to be a cross between Judy Jetson and Audrey Hepburn (matilah ko!!!) with Halston shoes and Atelier Swarovski jewels. The dress eventually inspires these words in many fashion reviews - space cadet, silver trash bag, etc)

Pic belongs to RedCarpet-FashionAwards.Com (I think originally before it was received in email - thank to Google -
CLICK HERE and HERE for the worst dress list featuring Bernard's ghastly creation among others... Google it. It's everywhere on everyone's worst dressed list - except for Style Insider. There's always one...



ANTM cycle 12 premieres on the march 8th..

ops..wrong gonna be on the march4..

it will surely give me hard time coz AI and ANTM airs at the same time..

ala aku ada tgk fashion police...kind of proud...ada gak Malaysia tercalon time grammy walauponnnnn worst dress gitukan...

haleem : one word. TORRENT. LOL!

elle : keji la sampai sanggup ni nak worst dress sehina mana pon asalkan sebut nama malaysia. sometimes NO publicity is better than negative pubicity - case in point - bernard chandran's fugy outfit