Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Thank you President Barack Obama. So much.

Stupidly waited... and waited... and waited for the second group performance of American Idol and nothing came on. Some stupid programs were in place instead.

No thanks to a nationally televised address to Congress in the States, regarding the dire economic situation, everyone else around the world were subjected to some random repeated crap on TV instead without word of why Idol wasn't coming on.

Finally got off my rear ke Ampang to drop off some documents to Fakhrul, Faz's lawyer. Who by the way skang celebrity lawyer ok. A lot of high profile cases involving local artistes dia handling, and I hear he's getting more approached by more with pending cases.


Anyway, Faz goes back to court on March 13, sebab pihak yang kecoh tuh, da wat appeal. Takpe. She won once, by the grace of God, the appeal will be quashed.

Then everything is in motion for Faz to sue sue sue for *insert reason here* (think loss of income, emotional scarring and psychological trauma etc)

She spent four years going up and down the courthouse for a case she finally won. Jangan ler kena ulang balik benda nih lagik.

Anyway pastuh ke Pelita jumpa Faz. Before she arrived, bebudak 6ixth Sense dropped by. Adi da balik from Jakarta. Lebih sebulan dia balik sana... so bosan sikit kurang korum. Looks like the Pelita gang is back again and hopefully semua dapat lepak lagik sebab beginning next week, a few of us are going to be very busy.

Got freaked out by an MMS from a so-called admirer. Ewwwww!!! Why the hell would anyone MMS a total stranger their private parts. Seriously... they all somehow find me. I'm like a freak magnet or something.

Back home... masuk Myspace layan Mobsters sat (I'm at Level 411 with 1182 mobsters already... anyone wanna join my mob? I think I'm one of the biggest Malaysian mobsters) and then Facebook jap catch up ngan kengkawan (please not AGAIN my Facebook is ONLY for people in the music and film industry for networking purposes - everyone else add me to Myspace ok, cause I apologise that I will immediatey ignore any other requests of those who are not friends within the business)

So to end this entry... here's a biblical reference to what if God had a Facebook account. Oh God... seriously... some people have too much time to come up with stuff like this.



Last night's 2nd group of top 36 really sucks!! Terrible terrible song'd be surprise..If Anoop were to sing last night, he will surely make the cut..*sigh*