Friday, February 20, 2009


Wow. You guys saw the pic in TMZ of Rihanna bashed up? Damn they good! Even the LAPD is calling for information how the picture was leaked out.

Back to the image... What kind of man does this to a woman? Oh I forgot... a wanker like Chris Brown. The man may say he's going for help - but I hope he just gets locked away. What a cowardly bitch act.

Gawd... hope women work it out that it's NEVER ok for a man to hit you - and there's no such thing as out of love ok. I know some of my female friends have been through that... and it's always the same line. Wow... once is too many times for a mistake like this to happen. Hope Rihanna, sets an example of what other women should do - and dump the sorry bastard who ae you a punching bag.

Rihanna - pre-Chris Brown

After being worked over

Despite all that, Rihanna has been reported to say she still loves Chris. Wake up already bitch! Damn! If you can go back to his sorry ass in the end - then you definitely deserve to end up in a bodybag cause that man does NOT respect you if he even lays a finger on you. And get over that BS about how anger management and prayers will sort him out.


Chris Brown - I hope someone works you over the same way. As a fan of Rihanna - and someone who does respect women in general, you're a lame sad-ass punk.

Tapi kan yang best nya, CLICK HERE and read this bit. This dude has already issued a challenge to step into the ring to see what it's like to face a real opponent. No prizes for guessing whether Chris has the balls to deal with someone who doesn't wear a skirt at least that we know of).

Geramnya tengok the pic!... The bruises and stuff looks bad enough. But her expression just says it all. Sedih sangat tengok. Damn you Chris Brown!

PS - I think I'm going to be right about refunds for the concert in Kuala Lumpur - either that or it's going to take quite some time



that aint her picture dude..that tats says it all. she aint got one of those on her shoulder..

gossips gossips gossips...

lapd called for investigations and rihanna's family members have spoken on then too la. and no denials so far on identity of woman in pic.

well...we all dont know for sure, do we? you dont want to be another Perez Hilton yeah, dont go around spreading this one. She doesnt have the tattoos shown in the alleged battered up picture. If u have the means, interview them urself, that would be more worthy to read.
Whatever transpired between Chris brown and rihanna has shocked and angered her fans and loved ones. Lets wait for news worthy article that prints “real news” instead shall we?