Friday, February 13, 2009


I watched it without reading up on anything related to the movie, but Changeling is a WOW movie. Unless of you course you want bimbo fluff or popcorn moments.

Went with Faz and her temp PA after my meeting in Bangsar for a movie marathon kat MidValley. The first was Bride Wars, which I'd already seen weeks ago.

The second was of course Changeling.

With an amazing cast that includes my favourites in Angelina Jolie and John Malkovich, Changeling is everything a movie should be.

Based on a true story, it's directed, co-produced,with even music by Clint Eastwood (never liked him cause he always acted anal no matter the role - and he's one of my dad's fave actors). Surprisingly enough, I wasn't turned off at all even though memang nyampah ngan semua hasil kerja dia.

In fact, I would say Changeling is one of his best works to date (possibly because this is the only one I like).

First thing that immediately jumped out was the amazing production value. Based in the period of 1928 to 1930, the fashion, the authenticity of the whole set-up was mind blowing.

Clint's style was also very sparing without overplaying so many aspects that might have overdramatised the plot which was already strong enough.

Though I'll never understand why it took on a title that is like a bad horror film (there actually is a 1980 horror film called The Changeling), it's actually drama based around the search of a single mother, Christine Collins for her nine year-old son Walter that goes missing one day.

With immense public pressure, the police eventually find her son, only it's not. Christine is forced to take the boy in when the [police refuse to acknowledge a mistake.

Not tolerant of any bad Press, which it has more than its fair share of, Christine is carted off to a psycho ward when she continues her claims that the boy is not her son as she's dead serious about searching for her real son.

Meanwhile the police who are about to arrange for the deportation of 15-year-old Sanford Clark to Canada for overstaying, stumble across the gruesome fact that the boy has been an unwilling partner to his uncle Gordon Northcott in serial killings of young boys, which includes Walter.

More drama ensues when Christine who is winning battle after battle against the police doesn't get any proof of Walter's death, especially when told that several boys managed to escape.

All in all, you have to watch Changeling.

For me, there was no real stand-out cast performance and even Angelina is below par on this though she did quite well. She somehow performed well enough for the broad spectrum of emotions, tapi entah kenapa cam kekurangan lagi.

Still she's won Actress of the Year for the 2008 Satellite Awards and 2008 African American Film Critics Association Awards, apart from her nominations in the 66th Golden Globe Awards, 2008 London Film Critics' Circle Awards, 14th Critics' Choice Awards, 2008 Chicago Film Critics Association Awards and 62nd British Academy Film Awards.

So she must have done something right. She's also up for the same category of Best Actress in the upcoming 81st Academy Awards.

The rest including John Malkovich did well but again for me, there was just enough to make it sufficient. Perhaps the storyline was overpowering even the abilities of the cast, or that Clint's directing style didn't allow more than what he actually wanted to be delivered.

But all in all - this movie is a classic. A 2 1/2 hour butt numbing evergreen!

Anyway, there were lots more movies playing. We wanted to squeeze in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, but it was so packed thought esok lusa je gi tengok.

Erm.... anyway, today is Friday the 13th. Anyone notice that?Nothing bad happened... if you discount the horrible traffic jam. But then again that happens everyday in the freaking Klang Valley so I suppose that's a permanent jinx da.

My meeting left me smiling and pumped up. Can't wait to begin work. No more info on that right now. Will tell you guys when the time is right... which is pretty soon.

Esok nak gi nikah dan sanding Que dan Linda. So wedding piccies tomorrow kiddies.

Until then... nighty nite.



i simply love changeling too!
its just so aweeesome!
and angie, was great and fantastic!

give me five!

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