Monday, February 02, 2009

Bride Wars

Was bored out of my skull today. Tu la akibat dok rumah je berapa hari ni. Bagus gak tak mengular sangat. Tapi tension tahap gaban dok ngadap the four walls je. Gotta get out tomorrow.

Hari ni actually takde pilihan sebab everyone either away, busy, not feeling well or whatever reasons je that didn't allow them time out. So siang spent time ngan my parents and on the phone with several people.

Oooo.. Akademi Fantasia musim ketujuh is getting interesting. But takleh cakap pe pe wat skang. Silence is golden!

In the evening da tak tahan bertapa je kat umah, decided nak kuar. Shuib joined me later in Cineleisure. Ended up up buying couple of stuff for my laptop which was dirt cheap, but very much needed and settled to watch Bride Wars.

With a cast list that has Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway in the lead, AND Candice Bergen (her role as the wedding planner Marion St Claire was familiar... almost suspiciously Miss Congeniality) and and Kristen Johnston (I LOVE her!!!), this was one of the best popcorn movies in a long time. Not too cheesy... with just enough sugary, syrupy goodness without being diabetic.

I advice catching this movie with your best friends.... you know the ones you want to smack on a daily basis, but end up being best buds no matter what happens. Layan.....

Ok... calling it a night. Wanna get up early tomorrow and have a life instead on being cooped up at home. Script aku tak abih aku da malas ngadap PC. Later...

PS - Meriah sangat malam ni bunga api letup sana sini malam ni. It's coming into the ninth day of the Lunar new year, and orang Hokkien (and the Teochew too I think) tengah celebrate the birthday of the Jade Emperor (or actually in Hokkien translated Sky God... something like that).
Baru rasa cam bebetul tengah raya.



epi chinese new year bro..lambat tunggu chat box ko nak loading..itu pasal aku publish kat sini ajer...apasal ko dah tak gunakan msjbox??

best la gak kan cite tu. aku tgk dengan geng2 dan memaksa 2 guys to join. hehe. layan jeee

fysal : chatbox ni loading kekadang kena tunggu sat but aku rasa sebab dia real time update aku lebih suka

ki moira : kan....

owh bro...

thanx, barula karl paham yg mercun sana sini ms mlm isnin tu utk apa.. i thought menghalau hantu ke.. hehe

bride wars versi msia..

perang pengantin: hehe .. d best actresses are KAK FAZURA (Kate Hudson) & SARI YANTI/FOUZIAH GHOUS (Anne Hathaway) hero?? ermm... Zizan Nin kot (for Sari Yanti) for Kak Faz, bro pilihkan la.. hehehe
mst gempak!