Monday, February 09, 2009

And when the rain begins to fall...

It came as a shock. Patutnya jumpa Faz petang tadi, but she was quiet je tak call balik. Then later only found out that her grandfather passed away siang tadi. She's torn about it... definitey did not come at the right time.

I know how sad it is losing a loved one... and Faz, babe... my condolences and my prayers are with you and your family through these trying times.

Pada kengkawan pembaca blog saya, yang beragama Islam, sedekahkan la Al-Fatihah and for those of you who are non Muslim, say a prayer for the dearly departed. Thanks so much in advance for your support to Faz.

Spent the rest of the day at home cause simply in no mood to go out.

Malam ni Chap Goh Meh, which roughly translates to 'fifteenth night' atau malam kelima belas. Which of course refers to the final day of the Chinese New Year celebrations. Ada sesi main terup kat rumah makcik aku, tapi malas nak join. First time time raya ni aku tak gamble.... must be a record that has stood for years.

Malam plan nak keluar ngan kengkawan nak campak limau tuk dapat jodoh baik (adooo!!!) tapi everyone sibuk or tired out so takpe la. Lagikpon jodoh aku da ada kot. Heh.... kalao takde pon biar la dia yang carik aku. Lotih den nak pikir bab tuh da.

Checked email... got some good news! Well sort of la.... fashionistas take note that the Christian Louboutin online site is finally up at . How come Jakarta gets a store there but takde lak Louboutin store kat Kuala Lumpur ek?

In other developments, since raya pun da abih, aku pun ubah da baik layout blog aku ke mostly itam. But thought it looked too gloomy, so decided to dress up my blog a bit.

Since I noted that tartan, checks, plaid and gingham are the spring summer 2009 look, thought apa salahnya if I dress my blog up sikit kan. Hope you guys like it. Kalao tak, suggest what you want to see in the background. Kalao aku suka aku tukar. Kalao tak... sabar je la korang ngan apa yang ada hingga I make the next change.

Need some shut eye. Esok aku akan update secepat mungkin mengenai barisan tenaga pengajar dan juga pengacara Akademi Fantasia musim ketujuh. The press conference is at 2pm, meaning lewat petang ke malam sikit korang can look forward to an update. Aku try la secepat mungkin, but don't hold your breath la.

Pada sapa tunggu pengumuman pengetua... keep waiting cause all I can say is it's not going to be announced tomorrow. Don't ask and I won't lie. Heh... until then.. nak tidur! Good night, people.

Over and out...

PS - If you guys missed TV9's Hip TV, I was on it. CLICK HERE to watch. Three parts so enjoy.



u must be a moron.. theres no "right time"..when it comes to departing with your loved ones!

then you must be a bigger moron for not understanding that i meant it in the context of things being difficult for her now already....let alone to be faced with such traumatising news. idiot...

God. It must be a difficult moment for her... one after one..
Anw, she's gone through alot.. ALOT!
I'm sure she's gonna be alright... because all this just make her another stronger person..

Heart her lots!!
Send my regards to her..
& also.. salam takziah..