Sunday, February 01, 2009

American Idol 8 - My marathon

Yes, I did catch the bits over Astro. In fact I think I caught something like four or five of the seven episodes they aired, but most here and there.

Finally downloaded and watched all the episodes non-stop. Mind numbing, I tell you.

Tapi kan, I think the eighth season is one of the better ones so far. In fact, just looking through those who made it to Hollywood, I can see several who are so final material, both guys and girls. They look better, and yes, they sound better too.

But then again compared to the last few seasons, I think Idol has lost its shine anyway. I mean seriously last season with the two Davids finale.... that was just sad. It may have been the most watched, but I thought that was one of the most boring finales ever.

How many Idols can you recall. Exactly! I know I'm missing one or two from the list of names I can recall on the spot.

Anyway... aku tak pasti sama ada aku nak ikut this season of Idol. We'll see who makes it past the Hollywood round before I decide to glue myself to the boob tube to follow the drama.

And here are those that made it to the Hollywood round... all 147 of them.

I have a handful of favorites I'm already supporting. Let's see whether they make it or not in the Hollywood eliminations before I say who they are.

Yawn... going to watch a few movies I downloaded before calling it a night...