Sunday, January 04, 2009

Toilet break

The email is in. For those of you yang interested, I'll be appearing on RTM1' HOT@1 on Monday morning at 9am. Merasalah an live telecast nak bangun awal tuh. Sabar je....

Topic of discussion will be 'Glimmers of Hope for 2009' or something like that, and I'll be on with Farah Asyikin, Kisahnya nak bincangkan what we hope will be happening for 200 in the entertainment industry. Rasa cam banyak pulak nak cakap kalao cukup masa.

Arghh... it's so cold. Semalaman hujan. The weather right now is so dark and gloomy. My fave! Heh... I dunno but too much sunshine isn't all that joyous.

Anyhoo, thinking of a movie marathon again today, saja... to close the weekend before the first real working week of the new year begins to I can get cracking on a lot of stuff.

Ohhh... by the way check this out. Semalam gi Danau Kota. Saja nak jenjalan dan beli barang. You know how packed it can be kan. Anyway, it was totally chaotic semalam. Suppose it was cause being a Saturday night semua time ni mesti da dapat gaji, and some with bonuses, and also some still in holiday mode kan...

That area kan very short of bilik air. The main destination selalu petrol stations nearby.

Aku ngan bebudak 6ixth Sense and friend headed there to ease ourselves, and this is the scene that greeted us. Merasalah tengah beratur for the men's toilet aku snap the women's loo punya line.

Actually at this point kira da ok sikit. I think there was about 20 people in line when I first got there. Crazy.... someone should set up a toilet business there dari meniaga benda ntah haper haper. Am sure it would make more money.

Eh ok la... nak lepak sat and consider wbar to watch later.