Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ooh aah Chanel!

Ni entry lari topik sikit. Well not really cause me like fashion loads though I'm not exactly all that on the ball.

Remember aku pernah post about Faz wearing a Chanel ankle purse? Well, that was Karl Lagerfeld's tribute of sorts to Eve and Lindsay Lohan's alcohol monitoring bracelets.

Last year at the Chanel Cruise collection show in Miami, Lagerfeld previewed heels - with guns.

Gun jewelry has always been in the market, but never with heels.

Inspired however, Lagerfeld used guns as inspiration for Chanel's Cruise 2009 collection, with help from Chanel's shoe designer Laurence Decade, who made it into a heel. And of course, towards the end of last year, one of the first to be seen wearing it off the catwalk, was Madonna.

Love the silver version

Lagerfeld and his killing heels

Madonna in the gun heels

And now word is, Chanel in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore have just stocked the gun heels in very, very limited quantities.

Faz and I spent the whole day gabbing about the shoes and whether it's worth shelling out RM7,000 plus for those heels - but mostly on how gorgeous the silver ones are.

Actually, those gimmicky heels are not the first. Balenciaga made a mark on fashion history with their 'Lego' shoes. Dengan harga berbelas ribu Ringgit, the shoes were favourites for the Fall 2007 season.

After the gun heels, there's one more Chanel creation, which actually borders on the tacky side - depending I suppose who wears them.

These are the lighbulb shoes.

A definite novelty/statement shoe, these come with a battery so the bulb will actually light up. Why would you want your heels to light up.

Matilah kan jalan red carpet with your own lighting. But dunno when the lightbulbs are going to be available in this region.

What do you think? Would Faz look good in the gun heels? And which colour? The silver and black ones are available now.

PS - For those who want the gun heels but a cheaper alternatives, here are sone affordable options online. Not as hot as the Chanel ones. And if you think guns are not all that, there's the knuckle dusters as well.



i don't see the beauty of it, but if faz like it, she should have it

huahuahua. me like these. different from the regular batch.

diakan girly girly.. so edgier kot look.

hi..can u please say hi to faz from me..her big fan..tq