Saturday, January 31, 2009


Sent my sis to Setiawangsa earlier today cause she's heading back to Jakarta tomorrow. Am so going to miss her, but she'll be back next month, plus her stint there is only extended to March... so hurray.

Settle jer, sayang aku call dari nun jauh. Eh... tetiba sayang lak. Heh.... da orang melamar kita tima je la.

Anyway, aku headed straight to Amcorp Mall in PJ where the New Straits Times Group Gaza fundraiser was being held. Thanks Farihad from Berita Harian for inviting me. Ingat gak ko ngan aku kan...

Didn't do much snapping. Sikit sikit jer la sebab kecoh sangat. The place was packed, cause the venue was pretty small, but semangat artis artis kita. Sayang majority crowd mai nak amik pic artis je bukan nak seriously help the cause. Oh well.. I guess every little bit helps kan.

Spent most of the time borak ngan Faizal - Tahir ler... Faizal mana agik. Exchanged some ideas about a possible project. Also sempat ler exchange words with Lan from Meet Uncle Hussain, Fahrin Ahmad... and lots more.

Ni aku share pics some of the lovely people who helped off by selling stuff, some their own, some sponsored to raise funds.

Stacy tolong jual ais krim

Dayang sold her personal accessories

Kak Nita sold part of her precious wardrobe - with help from abang Mahathir. By the way... this project was their brainchild.

Mawi and Faizal take a break pas perform and lelong and stuff

Zahid and Nita sibuk join lelong

But the best saleswoman kan, must have been Sarimah yang bersungguh jual koleksi kasut dan baju dia. Heard she made over RM800 in total for the fund on her own, with her personal stuff that she hawked at very affordable prices. Congrats... semangat ksk Mah kita kan. mana taknya... tengok Sarimah in action.

Amik ko!!! Cam nak pukul ngan kasut kalao tak beli je apa dia jual. Heh.

Speaking of Sarimah, dia baru balik dari LA. She bought me some nice souvenirs (well they were nice gifts... but dunno if they count as souvenirs). Please note if you don't understand the joke behind some of these more humorous items, don't ask me to explain ek.

Ni biasa...

A fridge magnet that's inspiring

I love this!!! It's a toy you soak and it grows... but cute! A shrink that grows!

This is rather rude... but I love it! Get the gag?

This was the best laugh... and by the way, it's chocolate

A&F's new fragrance, Fierce! And it smells... erm... FIERCE!

Thanks Sarimah!!! Ada gak orang ingat aku nih. Heh... sempat gossip panjang bout some stuff, though not telling what. Apapon it was a fun night.

Got to spend time wathing friends bowl, then on for supper as usual kat Pelita.

Ni baru balik... nak layan all the auditions of American Idol 8 I downloaded. Nak marathon. be updating later...