Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Like an ox...

Spent the day at home jer Jadik budak baik gituh. Merasalah budak sedangkan leh jadik bapak orang da.

Saja nak spend time ngan family. Nothing much to update hari ni. Spent the day catching up on lots of movies I haven't watched.

Also spent time nak motivate orang. You see... of the first two to three weeks of January, almost everyone I know, melalui break up, or are going through it.
Malam ni je, layan cheer up four of my friends who just went through or are going through the painful act of splitting up with soneone they've been with. Mostly because their pasangan semua cam sial.

I know how that feels cause I'm in that statistic.

But like I told As... you have to get rid of the 15 inch black and white TV if you want to make room for the 72 inch plasma TV. You have to throw those Vinccis away if you want place in your shoe closet for your Chanels and Louboutins.


Be updating soon.

Sapa yang tengah noya bab cinta ni... sabar je la ok. It's not an end. It's a new beginning for something specil and better to come. Hugs to all.