Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy me

Wanna make this entry short. Takde mood sangat nak blog.


Tadik got a call. Scheduled for an RTM appearance as a guest for a TV show. More details kang ok. Waiting for info to be emailed to me.

Meanwhile ni nak kuar temankan Faz. Dia ada meeting sat. Offer for new movie. Very interesting one.

Then planning to spend time with the dearest people in my life. Will update later.

Anyway, to Leo, my twin in Jakarta, have a good trip back. Happy gila sebab dapat jumpa dia. Sorry tak dapat spend time together, but dapat jumpa gak kejap kan. Take care ok.

PS - Guess what I spotted. Nampak keta ni getting out of town. I miss Bangkok. Bila la nak gi cuti. Syarol, jangan lupa holiday kita ek. Start simpan duit. Heh.... go go 2009 (semangat new year ni)

Dah. Nak kuar. Be updating later.



omg is leo really ur twin??? muka sebijikkk

you really have a real twin?seriously ke???

huahuahua. takde la. i call him my twin je. huahuahua. dia my bestest friend gituh. he's indonesian of filipino, javanese, balinese and chinese decent. huahuahua... hope got that right leo.
memang kita ni ramai kata rupa sama.

Hey Joe, Just checked your blog, and thought of leaving a comment here. Yea guys, Im his twin. This is Leo from Jakarta. Im so blessed a got a friend like him, he;s a truly gud friend of mine. U keep rockin Joe. Hope to see you again soon!!!