Monday, December 15, 2008


I know I'm blogging early. Haven't gotten much sleep. Entah kenapa cam takleh lak tido.

Anyway, spent the past day or so watching Project Runway season one, and totally random 80s cartoons (my era... yes, I am that old)

Semalam was fun. Stacy Frenz had a get together kat rumah Stacy, kinda like a thanksgiving thingie that she will be making her Anugerah Juara Lagu debut next month.

Aku gi ngan Bob a little late, but boy, were we welcomed. Stacy and her all her brothers and one sister were there, her mom, and so were a lot of guys from Stacy Frenz (thanks especially to Kos for the invite and Laura for showing us the way)

It was a simple affair, which was meaningful cause it felt so homely where it was more like a famiy reunion.

Some of the guys and gals from Stacy Frenz

Tuh dia Stacy siap pakai skirt. Cherry lak pose over

Gayut ngan peminat. Takde control ayu punya

In green is si Chaq, abang Stacy, then Cherry. I know yang baju hitam tu abang Stacy gak, but tak pasti nama

Tingggggiii lagik. Tuh dia Bob siap bagi pointers

Nice makan spread and all. But still... it was still good to be with everyone there. Relax sikit.

We decided to leave about a couple of hours later sebab Syuib dok kat Pelita tunggu. Skali sampai serempak Zimi. Semangat sih ngan baju AJL, walaupon tahub lepas nya. Matilah carut...

Zimi skang bukan full time Kelab Pelita - tapi honorary member still sebab da lama pon lepak sini

Ahli KEPITA tegar

Ingat make it a quickie je, tapi serempak Mohariz, and then bebudak 6ixth Sense in Atan dan Gjie. Dah balik dari Johor rupanya. Cuma Adi je kena gi Singapore nak cop his passport.

Downed a couple of drinks and called it a night. Letih siot...

PS - I had siapkan this entry awal pagi da tapi tertidur depan laptop. Boleh? Bangun baru smpat tekan publish.



Joe thanx for coming dgn Bob lagi tu, rasa honour sangat korang datang, Mum Stacy pun happy coz semua yg dia invite datang