Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Couldn't sleep in yesterday. For some reason... went out later to celebrate Juan's birthday.

Geng Pelita (semua kecuali Faz) were in attendance, including ahli KEPITA (Kelab Pelita) yang bakal buat persembahan Jumaat ini dalam kategori Balada, iaitu bebudak 6ixth Sense as well as Bob.

Patut plan jumpa kol 11 malam, semua wat bodoh, and then scream "Happy Birthday!" to Juan at midnight.

In true Juan fashion, he arrived late and it was well past midnight by the time he joined all of us. I swear....

I think they cleared the table about four times - and still we had this much left

Got up this morning and had to do a little running about. Which ended up Plaza Alam Sentral for a quick soundcheck for mereka yang akan membuat persembahan dalam kategori Balada Jumaat ni.

Temankan Bob and Shuib to KL to pick up some stuff and discussed a little here and there about stuff for Bob's performance.

Jalan-jalan Bukit Bintang area. Sungai Wang and BB Plaza mostly. Came across this shop with a very ... erm.. fascinating display of accessories for both men and women. But what caught my eye were the weird handbags.

Car bags are normal...

Crown bags are just... erm.. different. And green heart shaped ones are just strange

A snail bag is just plain horrific

And a bejeweled swan with a crown bag - is just nutters

But this takes the cake - a panda bag!

But that wasn't as weird as what I spotted pas makan dinner with Bob and Shuib. Have you guys ever heard of the Gold Man?

Ok so he doesn't really do anything. He's an elderly Chinese gentleman, who douses himself head to toe in gold dust, wears a matching outfit complete with top hat and gloves and shoes to match.

He accepts contributions for those who want to take a pic with him. Interesting, I have to say...

Just bloody weird. But props to the guy sebab berani gila. And ingenious too, making a spectacle of yourself for a few Ringgit. Definitely bukan senang ok, walaupun keja dia posing tuk pics, cause I couldn't even begin to imagin how uncomfortable it must be.

Tengah makan tu, spotted a friend. Si Mas! My Lord... lama gila tak nampak dia da...

Sempat borak jap, and then had to rush off for a meeting here.

Abis letih gila.. but sempat minum ngan bebudak lain sat.

Then balik teros. Tired satu... nak watch abih this series I just became hooked on. Hotel Babylon. It's a BBC series da masuk enam musim tak silap. Aku baru nak watch season two after discovering it baru baru nih.

Ok la.. nak rehat jap and then nak tido. Faz just called to say she was enjoying her holiday - am so jealous of her. Esok kena gi Plaza Alam Sentral for the dry run of the semifinals at Sri Pentas 2. Night guys...



wow. i never thought there will someone on the street like that. ingatkan d barat atau taman tema je ada camni. something to do with street art? :D

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wow for the goldman! bestnye kalau street performers flourish kat KL especially Bintang Walk. they've been known to add colours and characters to many famous streets in the world like LaRambla, Barcelona. i even jumpa a silverman kat Munich yg actually kais pagi makan pagi kais ptg mkn ptg , kerjanya pose2 je kat jalan cam goldman tu. cumanya diorang takkan bergerak unless u put money in the bucket. cute ppl!

kesian Aizat, memang tak laku di Kelantan. Suara & lagu tak sedap patut lah album tak laku, nak kena repack balik. Harap mak bapak org kaya je.

Tak heran faizal tahir dan ayu ke final...artis media prima la katakan...diaorg tentu nak gambarkan artis2 keluaran mrk lebih hebat berbanding program realiti lain..muak2 dlm industri hiburan pun tak habis2 nak berpolitik..

Anuar,Din, Bob kalo masuk final tentu beri saingan sengit..tapi org tv3 tak nak anak emas mrk faizal dan ayu berputih mata ..bijak2 tv3