Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Too much

Drama queens are everywhere.

But sometimes, too much drama is not good. In fact, I'd do with zero drama in my life right now with so many other things I'd like to focus on.

And besides, sometimes... drama queens are just ugly. Case in point, please refer to video.

That's DQ from Denmark with last year's entry from the country in the Eurovision.

Moral of the story? Drama queens often don't look good, are painful to bear due to the lack of visual pleasure they offer, plus they think they sound good when they don't.

What am I going on about? Biasa lah... kalao ada time kawan yang period, member lain kena tanggung akibat. So because of one person, semua just irritated ngan perangai emo and very DQ dia.


Hari ni another day of lepak. Only malam aktif sikit, went for dinner with Sarimah and friends. Thanks luv for the lovely evening.

Pastu as usual ke Pelita ngan Bob, Syuib, joined by regular members bebudak 6ixth Sense. Malas nak snappy pics, sebab esok blog aku kang banyak pics sarat punya da.

Tomorrow rehearsal Pop Rock for Muzik Muzik so dropping by.

Anyway smalam Alif dropped by pas latihan teater, bawak kawan. Heh.. selamat berkenalan.. ehem... ehem. Me likey! Eh.. lari topik lak.

Ok be posting tomorrow. Pic day esok!