Monday, December 08, 2008


Just a quickie entry hari ni sebab malas tulis panjang-panjang.

First of all, nak wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha to my friends celebrating. And for th0se who are not like me, just have a chill out day, and enjoy the extended weekend.

Got this link off a friend's Facebook. You have to read this. It's amazing what morons are being hired these days.

Did you read it? If it's too small to read, or you don't believe this is REALLY a page from the website of the National Registration Department or Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara, then CLICK HERE for the actual page.

Spekulasi kebodohan in the use of English here, is either due to :
1. Use of an online translator in typical true kerja malas fashion
2. They have 11 year-old from Felda Keratong doing the FAQ page of their website
3. They figured no one akan baca the FAQ page anyway so they goofed off
4. Whoever wrote this, was all they could afford
5. Someone in the department is really bored with his job, and being more intelligent in real life, wanted to have a laugh at the expense of the department (kudos if this is the case)

Korang gi baca. Be warned though, that if you read through the FAQ page, and come back here to comment you think there's nothing wrong with the use of English there, memang ko kena carot kang.

Have a good day off guys. Be back soon!

PS - Nak, tapi malas nak attend the preparations for Pop Rock semifinal of Muzik-Muzik



you read it? at least it was funny in a way.. LOL!

Latterly or is it letterly?? What the heck does that mean?? I checked out the site. Horrible is an understatement!

only in malaysia a government agency is so meticulous in their effort to ensure their use of english is up to mark. huahuahua

finally i found u back. suker... dulu lepas af6 tetiba takleh bukak ur blogdrive.

huihhh... bagus war warkan bendalah nih sbb at the end diorang akan malu n repair it asap. i likeee..

the probably removed the link. this is the page leading to it. - it's under item 4.1

i guess the removed it dah. huahuahua... squint and try and red from the screen capture. pretty funny!