Thursday, December 18, 2008


Something's just sapped the strength and spirit out of me. Terasa tak larat je hari ni.

Still mustered enough strength to drop by the Gatsby finals to watch who was going to represent Malaysia for the finals. Korang ingat tak masa aku menang Nintendo wii tuh? Time tu kan pelancaran. Anyway... earlier today they got the winners already. A duo by the name of Electro Shock. Think I got their name right.

Check out the Gatsby range of products

I recorded some videos but haven't checked them out whether it's suitable for upload. Nanti jer aku usha.

Anyway, the event was held in Mardi Gras kat lakeside Promenade of the 1 Utama old wing. Memories siot area sana zaman belajar... but I'll save that for another time.

Heard about this club before, but never checked it out sebelom ni. Masuk biasa je. In fact aku rasa decor dia murahan sikit. Konon minimalistic.

But one feature yang meletup about this place was this.

No idea what this is?

Now if you still don't know what this is read below...

Tuh dia!

Ok for those of you who don't know what this is, basically it's a pole, with a shower 'curtain'. Very common erm.. fixture kat clubs... in Bangkok, that is. Memories. Oops!

Kira ada la yang nari kat tengah tuh, sambil dibasahi air hujan gituh konsep, while working the pole. Get the picture?

Interesting addition to an otherwise random looking choice of decor.

Anyway, pas abih event tuh, aku jalan around 1 Utama, but started getting sick of all the Christmas festivities, thinking as to how tahun ni aku kena watch my spending (sigh), so decided to go for a movie nak layan blues jap.

Chose Jim Carrey's Yes Man. Aku sejak hari tuh tengok trailer dia, cam minat lak nak tengok, so passed Histeria to watch this.

Watching a movie alone, might be.. well... lonely. But just felt the need to be alone. Once a while leh tengok movie gak tanpa commentaries or enquiries. Matilahhhh...

And this movie was just what I needed (except for that creepy TGV staff yang dok belakang aku in the last row right at the corner who had his legs up on the front seat sambil terhenjut semacam - I honestly dread to think what he could be doing... ewwwww!!!)

It's about learning to say yes, so as not to miss opportunities in life, but also learning to take them in calculated, measured choices supaya you make the best of things.


Just kalao korang trailer dia mungkin tertipu la sikit. Sebab not the whole movie is a laugh a minute affair. It's funny, but it's not dumbed down for just that all the way. So depends what kind of moviegoer you are, on how you appreciate this movie.

After the movie, went for dinner with Bob and headed home straight. Ngantuk gila! After about four hours sleep, takleh tido lak... aduh...

Esok tengahari nak ke Johor. No pries for guessing for what.

Yeap of course for Mawi's wedding lor.

Sedih lak bila pikirkan Mawi getting married. Not about his choice ke apa ke... just cam tak caya time flies by so fast.

Ingat lagik first day dia kuar Akademi pas eliminated. Camna diri dia time tuh, and how he went through the typical 'penyakit juara' ubah perangai before dia came back down to earth after realising his mistakes.

Found the picture sebelah. Ni pic aku, Mawi dan Wan masa kat Mauritius. Good times... and also one where I had a really long, serious talk with him.

And now... in just a few short years kenal dia, botak ni da nak berumahtangga da, after all the controversies and gossip. How they grow up so fast... matilah aku... heh.

So to Mawi, all the best for Saturday. Hope you made the best decision for yourself, and if for you this is the best, then I stand by you no matter what anyone says. It is YOUR life after all, no one else's.

Meroyan apa lak ni...

Entah... down sangat. Kot ler sebab weddings memang make me depressed. Ye lah.. orang sana sini da dapat pasangan hidup. Aku ni entah bila la.. always making the same mistakes over and over in relationships and life choices when it comes to love.

Matilah emo.... ok la.. nak out packing dulu. Be posting next from Johor, kids.



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