Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Isn't it

I don't know. Things have been strange. Maybe I've just been thinking too much of things that I needn't go so deep into. Tapi entah kenapa...

Sabar je la kan. Tanak aku jadik drama queen and run away from my problems. I need to stand firm, and deal with them. No matter how painful it gets.

You can tell it's not been a good day.

Actually it didn't start that bad. It was ok, even up until aku gi Sri Pentas 2 for the dry run for the Pop Rock category.

Aku sampai lambat sikit. By the time I got there, they were two thirds done. Some like Estranged and so on tak hadir due to commitments. And those who performed earlier da balik.

Bebudak Meet Uncle Hussain, Spider, Elyana, Mila, Fabulous Cats, Flava were about. Stuck about a while to snap just a few. Esok lebih. Aku hari nileh terlupa aku nya memory card for my cam stuck in my laptop still, and internal memory hampeh, so rely pada handphone je ler nak amik pic. Esok bak digicam aku, snappy banyak sikit.

These were some shots aku larat amik.

Lan, I think, nama dia.. from Meet Uncle Hussain. Dok atas ngan pose bertapa

Mock announcement during the dry run

Mila pose cute

Sumo, Samsairol and Shahdan from Flava. Semua nama bermula ngan S

Aremeer Sofaz and Yanie, one of the cutest PRs around

Some additional info. Ni performance rundown.

Lagu-lagu dalam kategori POP ROCK (dalam giliran persembahan)

1. Separuh Masa (Edry Abdul Halim/Edry Abdul Halim/The Lima)
(akan dinyanyikan oleh Flava)
2. Aku Stacy (Intan Norul Azlin/Intan Norul Azlin & Layla Ismail/Stacy)
3. Kalis Rindu (Aidit Alfian/Ad Samad/Elyana)
4. Mila Bila Cinta (Audi Mok/Ad Samad/Mila)
5. Cinta Si Rama Rama (Edrie Hashim/Edrie Hashim/Hattan)
6. Bukan Di Sini (Sofaz)
7. Aku Lebih Tahu (Ajai/Loloq/Mila)
8. Bukti (Tony Iskandar/Loloq/Fiq)
9. Rimas (Cat Farish/Roxy Tail/The Fabulous Cats)
10. Yang Pernah (Estranged/Estranged/Estranged)
11. Lagu Untukmu (Taja, Tass & Lan/Taja & Tass/Meet Uncle Hussain)
12. Mabuk (Tam/Loloq/Spider)

NOTE : Lagu Sofaz Bukan Di Sini akan menggantikan Ku Merindu (Datuk Syed Elias Syed Ahmad/Datuk Syed Elias Syed Ahmad/Shah & Ella) tapi aku tak pasti atas sebab apa. Aku risik dan bagitau kang. Flava will replace The Lima for performance.

From Sri Pentas 2, gerak ke Curve. Caught a movie with Bob to pass time. Decided to settle for a more bimbo flick in Wild Child. Supposed to catch something more interesting, but it was the only one in a decent time slot... so...

Not too bad. Typical story of rich Malibu kid with LVs in tow whose mom has passed on and dad has new beau, behaving badly and sent to boarding school in England and eventually has horrendous time adjusting.

I thought it would be straight out bimbo flick, but the drama was bordering on being overplayed out. Still, watchable.

Midway through the movie, felt agitated and SMSed someone - slightly ticked off cause not only said individual busy sampai lupa aku and I felt ignored, reply lak only after this second message after ages later from the first.

Entahlah aku dituduh emo and all. Maybe I am. But who likes feeling neglected. I don't know. I am trying to avoid drama after a prime example in front of me the past few days. Tapi entahlah.... ignore je la. Just I think I shouldn't prolong this stupidity of mine.

Was quiet after the movie. Bumped into some people who I didn't care for much on the way out. Avoided conversation. Met up with bebudak 6ixth Sense, minus Wan as usual and jut kept quiet throughout the night.

Pelita seemed a blur tonight. No mood... me just in deep funk. SMS ngan Faz. She's one of the few I can talk to whenever I'm feeling down and cheers me up.

But after an hour or so, the boys got me laughing..

Pose apa nih, Adi?

Staring into space...

Really tired out. Physically and emotionally. Calling it a night...



why??!!! why lagu ku merindu digantikan dgn lagu sofaz plak?? whyyyyyyyyyy??!!!


sori termeroyan jap...melepas peluang nk tgk ella mlm esok...huhuhuhuhuhu sedey gilerrr.

at least we won't have to deal with shah singing. LOL!