Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Semalam at midnight, half of the Pelita gang joined up. Ramai la anggota missing lke bebudak 6ixth Sense, Jue, Faz sebab memasing either busy or away. But yesterday was another KEPITA's member punya harijadi. But there was Bob, As, Juan and I, and Syuib a little later, along with Tom and Iejan.

So to Mr Syarol, happy 16th birthday... again (what is it...the twelfth time now?).

Something about those cherries and candle...

Bob ketepi sikit tak tahan bahang api dari banyak-banyak lilin yang menghiasi kek... biasa la nak celebrate birthday orang umur.. erm... 16...

"Tell me again how you're 16 when there are that many candles... owh..."

Aku sebenarnya rushing gila. Was from the Mont Kiara area for a get-together do, hosted by Anita Sarawak and husband Mahathir.

Thank you kak Nita and abang Mahathir ingat aku ek, walaopon officially aku nih bukan Press lagik, your constant words of support and encouragement memang something I keep with me, especially in times when I don't even believe in myself.

Too lazy to get up nak amik pic bebetol

Anyway, I titled this entry inspired... cause dari hari tuh after watching Quarantine, something ran through my mind.

I've always known I love horror movies, and I love to be scared. Walaopon aku nih konsep ESPN (bimbo sangat kan - not you Saniboey....) and can erm... 'feel' things and often get more scared of things in real life. Oh never mind if you don't know.

Anyway, dari hari tuh, aku mulling over an idea for a horror movie. And the past couple of days, been sorting out the idea. Got to do some research for background and all, but I'm totally inspired at the moment sebab banyak sangat ideas flowing.

God willing, the TV show yang lahir from my little idea that grew bigger and bigger will (kalau takde aral melintang) go on air mid next year. And if everything goes well, who knows... I've already checked with a friend dan meka sound interested to hear my horror movie idea, hopefully slotted for 2009.

Worried sikit pasal censorship sebab biasa la negara kita nih tuh takleh nih takleh. Have you noticed our horror movies are all so... erm.. contrived.

I mean... they don't know how to psychologically get viewers to freak, and they can't show gore...

So that's my major challenge now. Bab censorship, will cross that bridge when I get to it. Maybe I can make censorship work in my favour. Is that possible? Well if you believe even a kids show has potential potty language threat like the video below, anything is possible kan?

By the way, the clip below is from the usual feature of Unnecessary Censorship from the Jimmy Kimmel show.

I had a good laugh.. hope you guys did too. Will never look at Sesame Street in the same light again. Now back to writing...

PS - Sedih sikit sebab Friday ni nak ke Johor tuk wedding Mawi, baru dapat tau yang non-Muslims takleh masuk masjid nak tengok akad nikah. Kawan nak kahwin, perlu ke aku kena nak on TV baru dapat tengok... aduh.... Mawi lak tadik SMS kata dia nak invite tuk KL nya.



siapa kata tak boleh masuk masjid?Pakai yang sesuai tak jadi masalah.Cuma mungkin ada kawasan tertentu yang tak boleh, mcm masjid negaralah.Pegi Joe kan terkilan!

nope. masjid memang leh kuarkan syarat meka sendiri. and da ada written. hanya mereka yang beragama islam for this one... nak wat camna...

joe, on a normal condition, you can enter the masjid provided you stay within the boundaries (different for male/female).

But in this condition, i completely agree dengan jawatankuasa masjid. Eventhough the nikah might be done outside of the obligatory prayer time, but a masjid is still a masjid, which is a place of worship.

Individual macam mawi buat nikah dalam masjid will surely bring too much media circus dalam masjid, which will turn a place of worship into pasar malam.

So i honestly think, someone famous macam mawi ni, should do the nikah at home or somewhere outside of the masjid. Nikah dalam masjid is good, tapi in his case, it brings more bad than good.