Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Fun and laughs

Hari ni memang besh gila lepak kat Sri Pentas 2 tuk dry run for the separuh akhir Muzik-Muzik kategori Balada yang akan diadakan Jumaat nih.

Of course geng KEPITA ada in Bob and bebudak 6ixth Sense. Tapi ramai lagik skali ada like Faizal Tahir, Dina, Ziana, Aizat... everyone nominated for the semifinal round. Only ones missing, due to I think prior engagements were Dafi, Nubhan and Anuar Zain.

So they had I think three run throughs, and I sampai just before the third and last for the day.

Nothing much to do, since just helping Bob and Syuib out. But had a ball. Everyone performed damn good. Pening siot this Friday camni.

First let me get several pics I took out of the way.

Sharon, my former college mate at Ocean Institutde of Audio Technology (241B holler y'all!), the blushing bride (tahniah and hope Rusdi Ramli is the man for you forever, babe) and also composer of Sejauh Ini to be performed by Dina, as well as Cinta Terhalang performed by Bob

Bebudak 6ixth Sense lepak tunggu turn

Ayu, Dina and Bob

Cheryl giving a strict classroom teacher pose along with Ahmad Fedtri

Yeay! Geng KEPITA performing! Hope Tanpa akan masuk Juara Lagu

Faizal and Ayau - gila tol dua orang nih!

Kak Ziana caught candid!

KEPITA members Bob and 6ixth Sense sekali ngan the crazy but absolutely lovely TV3 production crew

Things really look hot now. Every song is sounding stronger and stronger and I think the competition is going to be absolutely crazy this Friday.

Aku malas nak post pepanjang. But here are the snippets of the rehearsal today. Memang semua power gila. Bukan nak promo, tapi seriously, do tune into TV3 this Friday for the semifinal, atau kalao korang sekitar Shah Alam, come on over to Sri Pentas 2 for the show cause it's going to be awesome, with virtually every song having proven it's right for a place in the Anugerah Juara Lagu.

Ni the first video, of Faizal, 6ixth Sense as well as Ziana Zain. These are among my favourites. I think I made known who I think should go on ahead in the competition. Tapi serious hari nih, even though I stand by my choices, it could be anyone's game.

The second is for Bob's fans. Ni full performance of Cinta Terhalang, live! So korang bayangkan vocal dia on that day ok camna kang. No surprises that he's gonna rock the socks off everyone with his voice.

I have two more videos from the rehearsals tadik. Of Faizal and Aizat, tapi aku rasa baik aku tak posting sini. Kang jadik isu lain lak. But memang pecah perot gelak. Will not say anymore. Esok lak ada rehearsal, so we'll see if I can post that here. Heh..

Ok guys, got some stuff to do first. Catch you guys tomorrow.