Wednesday, December 31, 2008


It's a few hours more only... but happy new year to all of you.

For me 2009 is going to be a defining year of my life, my career... everything. And I hope things turn out as planned. For all of you too....

Meanwhile for those of you partying tonight... stay safe ok. And have a good time.

Happy 2009!



semoga di hujung 2009 nanti kau masuk list top-10 kat mstaronline!


Happy new year 2009! May all the best things comes to you this new year. Dont give up. By the way, I am working in the same company with your ex-boss. Guess who? :P What a small world. Maybe you should try to contact him sometimes.

ajami aku nak masuk senarai forbes je.

laura, which one?

His name is Azizi. Errr..pardon my memory, i couldnt remember the name of the company...but according to him the company has closed down. he is no longer in the industry.