Sunday, December 07, 2008


Everyone seems either keletihan after Muzik-Muzik punya semifinal, or just into celebratory mood since Raya besok, so felt bored cause no one up to lepak.

Stayed at home, which was ok cause my sis is back from Jakarta. Had lunch at home, got her hooked watching my downloads of Hotel Babylon.

Lewat petang sket sent her back to Jida's place in Setiawangsa and then headed to KLCC jumpa si Mierol aka Bimbo. Lepak Starbucks jap, and then joined by Bob.

Planning nak tengok wayang. When we got to the cinema, saw this majory huge standee thingie advertising for a new movie. It sounded so familiar... then it hit me!

Confessions Of A Shopaholic! The movie is based on Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic series of books! Which I so love! I've blogged about her brand of bimbo lit before, and I am SO major excited that it's going to be a movie! I've always felt a connection to the character of Rebecca Bloomwood who finds inspiration in retail outlets, and is so into shopping, except I think I'm smarter than her character cause I got rid of my credit cards to stop my impulsive buying.

I am so damn excited!!!

The promo

Me trying to find out if I can take the standee thingie home

Until that is, I came back that is and found out there were so many changes to the storyline compared to the book.

And it's not even small changes. It's major ones like physical attributes of the characters like Becky, Suze and Luke and the fact that it's set in New York!!!! They obviously wanted a more Devil Wears Prada feel.. oh God how I hate the American filmmakers for desecrating the finest bimbo lit out there. It's a Brit thing and I don't see why they couldn't keep it intact as in the book.

Plotlines obviously reveal it's quite loosely based on the book, so bummer there. But because it's a Jerry Bruckheimer film, I'm hoping for the best. The trailer looks ok.. but I'm so going to hate it because I know this is in no way going to meaure up to the book. Dry English wit, compared to expected American sitcom attempts don't measure up well against each other.

If you follow the book, here's the trailer below. Watch it and tell me what you think.

So back to the movie we watched earlier tonight. The final pick - Quarantine. Actually wanted to do a marathon, but tak sempat, as we were only able to catch an 11.30pm movie and there was nothing later than that.

So how was Quarantine. Mmm... let me see... I love films that make me scream, so here's the most fair review I can give.

Basic plot - a news reporter and her cameraman follow a firemen crew on the job for a night. They get a distress call and go into an apartment where this woman, is the first known victim of a new strain of disease which is liked to rabies. Drives you bonkers, and makes you all cuckoo chewing on people and stuff.. the usual.

Anyway, Miss Vidal, the reporter, her cameraman and everyone else are left to fend for themselves when the authorities quarantine them in the apartment to avoid the disease from spreading.

The rest of the movie is centered on their attempts to survive. Note I mentioned, ATTEMPTS.

Did I like it? Well, put it this way, if you haven't watched Cloverfield (one of my best movies of 2008), 28 Days Later or 28 Weeks Later, and its more inferior, glossy but Will Smith star vehicle I am Legend... you'll love this.

The whole disease part is too familiar in comparison to the titles above, and the cam shots are not too unlike Cloverfield - so the mode of storytelling with the handheld camera and jerky shots are so been there done that.

In fact, it gets trying in some parts cause it just appears like it's trying too hard.

Other than that.. worth a watch.. I guess.

Now excuse me while I have some nightmares.



i was a also bit let down when i saw the shopaholic trailer. byk giler changes. ngapa luke jadi boss dia, they had different jobs. n her work at successful savings tu memang her job after she graduated kan. tapi....hopefully the movie will be good.

seriously man. u need to loose weight. Or wear clothes that are not two size smaller.

Quarantine is a remake so it's not as good as the original but the storyline is very stereotypical. much like any other zombie-themed movie in which it involves the outbreak of a disastrous airborne radiation chemical then it spreads around through getting bitten from the infectees.Cloverfield was awesome but it was different from Quarantine.i haven't watched this one but i did watch the original one which was called REC done totally in spanish.

erm...that girl mcm tak masuk topik je...alih2 topik suro lose weight? biarlah die nak pakai pe...janji x bogel...watpe nak lose weight...

Anonymous 1 : agreed!!!
Anonymous 2 : Am sure it will be good. But perhaps not as good as the book.
Nadia : I'm proud of my body. S'ok what others think. LOL! More of me to love, baby! Huahuahua
Daniel : hey no probs dude. i'm hardly sensitive about my weight. whatever the intentions. LOL! haven't watched REC but heard about the spanish original. referring to cloverfield, i was implying the use of camera techniques, first person view, jolty cam shots etc.