Sunday, November 23, 2008

Youtube Live!

Just finished watching Youtube Live!.

Airing from San Francisco (supposedly included Tokyo but don't know where that came in), it was Youtube's first online live streaming show.

But while the effort was good, the show itself left much to be desired. Thought the set-up wasn't half as amateurish as I had expected and that production values were pretty good. Watching alone, you could simultaneously opt for views at the mainstage, backstage and offstage.

Akon who closed the two hour or so show was ok, but the real attraction for me was Joe Satriani, Katy Perry,, the Mythbusters and the Happy Tree Friends. Woohoo!!! Kudos also to the Parkour crew as well as Jon Chu's League of Extraordinary Dancers who rocked the show.

Also prominent Youtubers like Fred Figglehorn and Bo Burnham as well as Funtwo who joined Satriani on the axe made the show pretty awesome! Charlie The Unicorn was a riot too (Youtube has gone into maintainence mode!).

The rest of the show was made up of massive no-talent Youtube losers that just wasted time like William Sledd, Michael Buckley among many others, especially Youtube's biggest crime to society, that loser Soulja Boy Tellem. Puke! Hurl!

I'd rather watch the painful rantings of Chris Crocker.

Katy Perry - hot or cold... and whether she kisses a girl.. she is one hot cookie!

Loser patrol! They got the crappiest Youtubers to host the show

Kneel before the greatness of Joe Satriani! - not so good performing live.. but still inspirational.

Katy with Bo during his performance

The Happy Tree Friends!

If you missed the live streaming, you can still catch it by CLICKING HERE! And no, unfortunately I don't think you get the forward option still with the crap hosts and performers.

Oh and check out the presentation of the Youtube Visionary Award to Queen Rania of Jordan. She rocks! Funny!

Now back to my new obsession. With the end of America's Next Top Model, I can now focus back again on Stylista, a new reality show that searches for a junior editor for Elle - think reality show version of Devil Wears Prada. Produced again by Ken Mok (this dude rocks for his work) it's quite interesting and provides MASSIVE drama. And we all love that don't we. I'm this close to making the voodoo dolls of Kate and Megan.

Now bac to my lay Sunday routine...



watched it from sart till finish.
nice imma say.. XD

thought that was silly, zaini.

chyan, me too. but too many things were so bad about it. overall still it was a decent effort. the attractions i mentioned were worth the pain of the losers.

oh yeah!I hate Kate!Seriously, she has to go!