Friday, November 21, 2008

Yak of God

Semalam stress abih! Had to rush for a meeting, tapi akibatnya caught in the crazy downpour. Supposed flash floods in Puchong, Subang and Shah Alam nya pasal, the whole NKVE, MRR2, NPE, KESAS and whatever acronyms and expressways semua stuffed cam tauhu sumbat.

I spent over two hours in the car for no bloody reason. Road tax, toll charges, and such, and yet, this is what development brings - wasted hours of my life I can never regain. Woohoo!!! Great road planning, dicks!

Dari terang...

Sampai gelap!

When it comes to Malaysian roads kan, one great mystery will be - why the F**K does it get like this every time it bloody rains???!!!

Blame it on the yak!

Holy cow! I mean... yak of God!

Yes, this is no ordinary yak! This is the yak mentioned endlessly by one former minister everytime some blame needs shifting. Yes, people, you've heard him say before, that "It's a yak of God!" everytime ujan la, tanah runtuh la tuh la ni la.. thank the yak that he's no longer in office then eh?

Matilah Amir dok nunggu. Don't blame me dude! The yak is one helluva concrete excuse! All I can say to you is - MAKA TERIMALAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! (matilah gelak sorang-sorang)

Oh nevermind... just ranting...

Pas abih meeting, aku rush back home. Tired actually plus esoknya ada meeting kat RTM awal. Reached home flipped on TV to watch Faz yang ada live interview at Astro Awani. I don't think anyone was amused by the anchor and her erm... in depth research and vast knowledge pasal erm... nothing? Kalau Syazwan jadik host da takde problem da.. ni lak cam bebudak darjah empat skill interview dia. And she was blubbering about, and so obvious tak wat homework.

Had a nice and recuperative sleep and awal da bangun tuk ke RTM. Strange things you see in government buildings. Check this out.

Ok. Now the poser is this. Sapa la nak angkat meja berat n. Kalao ye pon nak rompak, takkan la furniture berat camni jadi target. Not to mention it's an ugly coffee table.

But the clincher is the fact that siap tulis ngan liquid paper tuh - Hak Milik Kerajaan. Yeah right... that wil really stop people from stealing it. It's like "Wow! Check out that ugly and very heavy coffee table! Let's grab it... oh wait! It's written in liquid paper tuh... kansel la nak kebas".

As if.

Headed back home, rested and had to go to reception for my cousin. Esok dia nak kahwin. Aiyo... bosan siot.

Aku tension kalao ada family gathering. No surprises but I don't fit in the typical suburban ideals my extended family probably has. Aku cuma ngan beberapa cousin aku yang memang pala gila cam aku je. Uncles aunties aku semua ok kot... tapi erm.. entah la.. malaih den nak layan.

And then sebab ada the other side of the family (cousin aku ni my mother's side, so I'm referring sedara mara belah bapak dia la) pandang aku semacam je. Well, I guess, a heavily tattood and pierced freakshow would attract attention. Yawn...

I think I spent more time lepaking kat luar isap rokok than anything.

Tapi seronok layan anak buah gak la. Ni ada sorang, daughter my cousin ni. Comel gila. Tiap kali dia nampak camera, mak aih.. pose tak hengat! Little vain pot... seb baik cute.

My mom, my cousin and my niece

Tuh dia! Kecik kecik da pantang tengok camera pose ala "Do You Want To Be On Top!" gituh

Gerak ngan my dad awal, my mom lepak lagik, cousin aku yang hantar balik umah. Aku up and headed to Rasta dinner ngan Faz.

Banyak gak nak discuss and sembang. Ada something funny happened but not putting it down here. Heh... sigh... me tired of so many things. Camna la... aduh... I sometimes feel like I'm so ready to quit it all.



about d "hak milik kerajaan" scribbling,same goes laa like me kn school teacher,so semua kerusi-meja-whiteboard-duster-pc-every surface available lah will be marked wif nombor siri gitugini dgn slashes n brackets segala.

then next year another cikgu pegi kursus pengurusan,balik2 tukar lagi nombor siri tu.abis kirikanan kaki meja jadi mangsa.sooooooo,do u really have to?

belum campur dengan 'sentuhan kreativiti' budak2 lagi.yucks!

huahuahua.. the humble beginnings of graffiti artists...

apa apa pun GAZ you rock babe...wa salute you just be yourself...