Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A whole load of tired

Oh my... the day started early for me. Too early since I'd gone to bed about 6am pas lepak with everyone at Pelita. After chilling out with the kids from 6ixth Sense, Bob and Shuib, and a whole load of others (KEPITA in action - KEPITA as in Kelab Pelita katanya)

So in just four hours, I was already up, showered and ready sudah to make my way to Masjid Putra in Putrajaya. Tujuan? Kursus kahwin Mawi dan Ekin.

Two days worth, compact and sandwiched into one day, extending to more than 12 hours in total, comprising of tujuh ceramah by four different ustaz. Aku singgah jap je, tak lama pon. Ni some pics aku sempat snap.

Aku tak amik pic dalam dewan ketika kursus. Ni pun snap time lunch break where had some time to catch up with Mawi.

Borak a little, and then kena rush ke second destination for the day. Cineleisure kat Damansara for the press preview of Cicakman 2 : Planet Hitam. The invite said 3pm, and I got there just after in the pouring rain dengan ngantuk sekali. Elok la da tak cukup tidur, cuaca besh camni lak. Damn!

Turns out there was some signing of an MoU between the production and a transport company first. Aduh.. dok ruang legar over an hour later, then only semua moved ke atas for refreshments.

Didn't have much to say for those who asked me, or will ask me what I thought of the movie. More effects, but honestly.. erm.. I would say the first better cause the second nih, actually tries to be intelligent and more structured in storytelling.

The effects were decent, but not mind-blowing - and no, I am not comparing against Hollywood scale films. Cuma.. entah la...

Yang pentingnya, if you ask me what I thought of the film, all I can honestly say is, I fell asleep less than half an hour after it started and woke up ten minutes or so before it ended!!! And it wasn't about being tired or cold. Because when I woke up, I turned around, and ada kengkawan tidur! Ramai gak ngaku pastuh pun terlelap. Tapi aku rasa filem ni akan box-office again - sebab bebudak mesti nak tengok - and when underage kids watch a movie, mak bapak ler kena ikut. So one or two tickets, generates a couple more in sales.

Decided to snap a few pics. Here's Nani and Linda in action. Suka sangat tengok Nani punya rambut skang. She looks SO adorable! And followed by Profesor Klon himself. It's these few names, apart from Mamat Khalid who made a cameo along with others and Saiful Apek himself that made the film, watchable.

Pas abih tuh ingat nak sangat balik rumah sebab da kol 8 malam. But teringat ada lak meeting! And it was at 11pm!!! Damn! Tapi promised already, and besides, it was long time tak jadik da, so had to do it tonight jugak.

By the time done, it was already 2.30am!!! Finishing this blog entry up so I can get up by 9am tomorrow for the preview of Selamat Pagi Cinta which stars my favourite girls in Nani and Faz. Nanti aku post more pics and all ok.

Really gotta call it a night.. and to end this entry.. we have more of Kurt Cobain from around the Internet! Yes, people! More of me at the Halloween party yang aku nan ado bak balik haper haper sebab ada yang kata aku tak layak sebab da penah menang. Heh.. merasalah!

Courtesy of Cojack (and that is an awesome stuffed orang utan - not someone in costume!)

With Kim - a top blogger, with the next pic too courtesy of another top blogger in ShaolinTiger

I don't know who this hot chick is, but my guess is she was Mike Yip's date. Thanks for the pics, bro!



Geli la tengok foto tu?? hehehe!! x rimas ke??.
Dulu teringin nak tengok CICAKMAN ni sebab ingat Erra ada berlakon..tapi sekarang dah tak minat..
P kursus kahwin pun buat liputan ke??
Abang long & Abang chik KRU tu bila lagi?? Duit dan banyak...kerjaya dah melangit..tetapi masih ada 'kekurangan'....(isteri)...hehehe....
Apa kata pergi Haji la....mohon doa di sana..insya - allah...Bukan tak mampu kan.??? Rugi la banyak duit tak pergi Makkah..Orang miskin pun boleh pergi sana...

that hot chick is me!! Jess! sorry didn't properly introduced myself.

You looked great that night. You should've won. Great effort!

Yours were my fav among all lah wei! Super loved the eyes wei, freaked me out when I saw it hahahahaah....

sakura : jodoh lom sampai kotttt

jessbabe : ooo hi jess! huahuahua... tried looking for your blog. don't have one? anyway thanks for the compliment!

david : thanks mate!

I have. http://flippingskirt.wordpress.com/