Thursday, November 06, 2008

What do you do...

So the question is how I amused myself the whole day memandangkan aku demam still.

Well, since Anugerah Skrin is tomorrow, and I really want to go, especially since I've promised kak Kelly of TV3 I'll be fulfilling her invitation to me, so aku hari ni pun mulakan la the process of self-healing. Katanya...

So what did I do? Let's see, a couple bottles of 100 Plus (no, I'm not plugging for them here, but everyone says that's what you take masa demam and all), a few more bottles of mineral water, lots of sleep - sampai pening, some ABBA music (we have to be happy, see) as well as a few packets of Marlboro (good for my mood - not so for my cough, but hey what else am I going to do demam ni kan?)

Also, lucky me, my sis passed me two more chick lit books, which are sequels of the stuff I've been reading (sapa biasa kat blog aku know I've been following the real vampire series as well as Imogen's work). Thank you sister dearest, walaupon balik for the weekend jer dari Jakarta pun ingat aku.

Belah malam tak tahan, still nak lepak sebab da dua hari berkurung, and I just had to get out... so gi gak Pelita. Tapi singgah Pelita kat Shah Alam je sebab Jue (pembantai rempit) ajak lepak.

Aku pun redah je lor walaupon mata masih bengkak nak mampos. I mean honestly, two days facing four walls can drive anyone crazy. Had more than enough rest da, aku restless gila.

Didn't do much... lepak, joined by As, as well as Ayien before heading home. Did more surfing (my only thing apart from reading, smoking and downing 100 Plus jer) and found some more pics (probably the last) on other blogs.

This one is me and Nuffnang head honcho, Tim from his blog.

And one with Celine Yap who should have won something from the female category, but wasn't even a finalist! Boo! It's a date Celine, next party, us losers dress up together and wow 'em.

Yeah, so that's pretty much my day. Apapon, doakan aku esok ok jer so I can be all well and geared up for Anugerah Skrin. Faz is going with Jue, as she's a presenter, so look out for that.
Until then.. ta all. Am going back to singing along with Abba now...



hahaha they there dude!
no worries man i aint no blame you. I know you aint that immature lar. ^^ but u and i cnt deny the fact that there are peeps out there who are hating me simply because i was the winner, kinda lame aite?haha its not like i chose myself anyway. anyhow , we all had fun aite? ^^
and i have to admit that your costume is the best of the nite ^^ I was like "wow is this dude a crazy fella?" when i 1st saw u at the entrance haha you did freaked me out, alot XD

anyhow take care ya bro!

rui ^^

Get well soon Joe...rehat la banyak sikit, lepaking tu bila2 pun boleh heh heh heh

ruinokoh : no probs dude.

kos and anne : thanks so much for the wishes. hugs... me getting better.

Awesome look, dude.. I loved the way everything looked so... fresh.. Haha.. Like you had JUST bled all over yourself..

Keep up the semangat!