Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Wackiest I Would I Do to Race for N96

Have you guys ever wondered how I'd look in drag?

Well I have been in drag before obviously. Two most public events, was firstly the Anugerah Juara Lagu final in Stadium Bukit Jalil in a full authentic and very tight nyonya kebaya to launch my gossip column as a satire of how gossip columns always appear to be run by well, auntie looking characters, and second at the Akademi Fantasia media appreciation night where I went in too high heels and a baby doll dress as Velvet during the fourth season.

Well I'm entering and have been shortlisted for the second round of Nokia N96 Race to win the phone and and a trip for two to Phuket.

The event, held by Nuffnang,will be held on 6 December in Kuala Lumpur, and those who qualify from the online race, which is through postings like this, will win a Nokia N96 which will be used to navigate during the day of the race.

So the guys at Nuffnang askedwhat's the wackiest thing I would do for an N96?

Simple, I'd look fabulous, with the highest heels on(not wacky yet) and run around KL navigating myself with a Nokia N96 AND win it too, looking awesome. That's better promotion that any other wacky stunt will get.

I wanted to include pics of how I looked before, but I think I'll just see if they take up on my offer as a contestant. Trust me, the surprise is VERY much worth it.

After all - wouldn't you want to see a gorgeous six foot amoi, running around trying to win a trip to Phuket?