Monday, November 24, 2008

Video day

Arghhh! Think I'm suffering from retinal burn for staring into my laptop for so long.

Tried to get work done, and deviated a little to spend a whole load of time watching the 2008 American Music Awards. Not that the results really mattered.

Who cares about Chris Brown or Miley Cyrus? Buckets of puke ahoy! Anyone who thinks those two names are better than Alicia Keys or any of the other nominated acts, are really whacked. I mean Coldplay loses out to Brown for Artist of the Year? You've got to be joking right? Anyone's better than him...

Consolation was his girlfriend, Rihanna, won categories for the women, after fighting tooth and nail.For the second year, winners were determined by online voting. They used to be decided by a poll of 20,000 music buyers, now it's online voting to get more people to watch and apparently it's worked with a total of 11.8 million viewers for the 2008 AMAs, up from 10.9 million the year before.

While the awards ceremony itself was so-so, it was the performances that made the show worth watching. Again forget the likes of Miley or New Kids On The Block who recycled their same crap from a decade ago.

Most soulful performance would have to go to Alicia Keys, who was joined along by Queen Latifah and Kathleen Battle for Superwoman. Undoubtedly, Superwoman, and the live rendition of it, justified why she won both for both the Pop/Rock and Soul/RB album categories.

The performance that seemed to work up the crowd though was Christina Aguilera's for a non stop mix that opened with Keeps Gettin' Before it moved on to a medley of her past hits. So she wasn't in top vocal form, but considering she pulled out the stops in her performance with Genie In A Bottle, Dirrrty, Ain't No Other Man and Fighter, it was a pretty damn good performance.

Visually (not vocally - as expected, but who cares) was the PussyCat Dolls performance of I Hate This Part and When I Grow Up.

Vocally superb but boring as hell for bringing the performance style of the Nineties into the end of the first decade of the millenium was Mariah Carey who won an honorary award that night.

Best performance of the night I suppose however would go to Beyonce for All The Single Ladies.

By the way, did you catch the Saturday Nite Live - Justin Timberlake parody of Beyonce's video? Yes, we're talking JT in tights and heels! Can't find the full version, but this one on Youtube is spliced with the original music video in the mix.

Anyhoo, back to Rihanna. I loved her outfit during her performance. It was so.. ernm.. spiky!!! She'd taken off the neck piece in the pic, but watch the video performance of Rehab.

On the subject of Rihanna, she's now the face of Gucci! Rihanna is nowpromoting its new Tattoo Heart Collection, which will see 25 per cent of every purchase go towards UNICEF.
Watch the ad below.

Now got to get back to work....

By the way, my song of the moment is Beyonce's If I Were A Boy, which I guess the 'if' doesn't apply to me, last time I checked. Matilah kau... but lyrics dia memang best gila. Enjoy.. and be posting tomorrow...



I personally like the original singer's version of if i were a boy..forgot her name tho.

If I Were a Boy was written by Toby Gad and BC Jean and produced by Toby and Beyonce.

The version you probably mean is not an original, but a demo version by BC. There were reports BC was unaware Beyonce had recorded the track, but neither BC nor Beyonce have offered any statements on record on the issue.

Thus this is the original.

But BC's version has its own positive qualities. rawer, edgier...different. i like it too. but not comparing even. for me the song is so beautiful... and relateable that i don't hear the voice but the words...