Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Skinny is out!

Being sick isn't usually a bad thing. Most of the time, it's a darn good excuse to stay home.

Tapi this morning, sentap sangat sebab had a little 'relapse' of my fever meets flu thing when I woke up! And it wouldn't have mattered so much, if both my eyes hadn't been swollen and just tearing up.

Immediately cancelled all plans to go out - including the preview of Selamat Pagi Cinta. Damn!

Oh well... With only about three hours sleep, it was a good thing at that point still. So tidur lah balik, and woke up at 4pm. Still no good. Damn! Slep back again and woke back up at almost midnight. A few calls had come in to lepak... tapi semua memang takleh layan sebab still kritikal lagik.

Aduh.. ni at least two days out of commission nih.

But had slightly improved sight, as my eyes didn't tear up so much, cuma pedih kalao kena cahaya terang (very nocturnal, don't you think).

So surfed a little. Wanted to catch the latest trends out there from the Autumn/Fall collections. And found a little bit of joyous news! Well, not joyous as as that great, but a relief mostly. Skinny is out! I'm of course talking about pants.

Since early, mid last year I think, the skinny look, a revival of the 80s has been big.

Now the problem with skinnys is not everyone can wear them, so you risk looking horribly disproportionate if you wear them, or just out of the loop if you don't. Plus, the trend has been around for almost two years now, you just can't wait for it to be an outdated fad so that you don't have to see people walking around in pants like five sizes too tight.

And finally... skinny is out!

Ignore the fact that some Fall/Winter 2008, or even Spring/Summer collections 2009 will feature them, as we all know designers work up to almost a year in advance for their collections. The 90s is back in!

Which means no more skinnys! Yeay!

Wide-leg pants, boot cuts and flares (not the bell bottom variety though) are back in vogue. Taking on a 30s and 40s twist, expect more tailored, chic versions to roll out. Of course, the favourite among women is still the skinny version, tight, with a slight flare at the bottom, but hey... at least now all of us can get in on the look without having to be stick insects (or delusional, which is what some people are in thinking they can carry the look).

So thank you Kate Moss for kicking it off. And even Posh and Paris for reviving something more practical thank something that cuts off circulation to your vitals.

For the more relaxed fashionista, the standard 501 cut is in too! Katie Holmes and a few others have been spotted sporting the 'boyfriend's jeans' look.

Several other trends are back in from th Nineties. Doc Martens, the most iconic footwear of the era is back in (not British Knights or LA Gear please).

On atwalks, the grungier look is returning too with almost every credible designer opting for some form of plaids, checks or gingham.

Black polo necks, cropped t-shirts, even Hypercolor t-shirts (remember the type that changes with your body temperature) are making a comeback.

Hooray! Now almost everything in my closet cn be resued again! Cam sial kan....

But the best part of all this is that even the original supermodels are back! Linda Evangelista is the new face of Prada, Claudia Schiffer fronts the new Chanel campaign while Christy Turlington is promoting the same label's eyewear. Naomi Campbell has been appointed the face of Yves Saint Laurent, and has graced recent covers of French, Italian and Brazilian Vogue.

Enough of that fashion file report. Me going back to watch Zack And Miri Make A Porno. Finally have the movie. Watched Mamma Mia twice today to feel better, and I need a new movie to take up my time. Until tomorrow when I hopefully feel better....

PS - Still too lazy to do ny Heroes review... soon....