Monday, November 10, 2008

Need for Zs

Awal da kuar da hari ni. Not like it helped as was still half an hour late at Astro. Rushed to RTM then after and then back to Astro. Don't you just love meetings!

At least bumped into an old mate kat RTM and caught up. Rare opportunity tuh.

Damn... anyway... since I wrapped everything up by 2.30pm, felt tired sebab I had slept the whole of Sunday (practically) and then couldn't sleep lak belah malam, and have been awake since then.

Still, thought since I was here, better to come up with some plans, so that I don't balik pastuh nak kuar balik.

Called Syarol, a good friend and a blog reader (and a regular complainant of my pics kat Facebook) and we had a drink before his meeting kat area opis dia. Sapa biasa chat sini, kenal la nick Sarol kan? Ni lah orang nya tengah nak CM (or as Faz and I put it, control macho) - matilah pasni Syarol mesti maki aku. Heh.. jangan marah tau, dude!

Was asleep before even 4pm at home. Woke up about 8pm to a message from Faz.

Since aku da larat, tak kisah la... so headed up to Bukit Bintang and chilled at Lecka Lecka with Faz, adik Faz si Mojo Jojo (tetap nak letak Mojo sana kan), joined by Faizal Tahir yang baru siap keja, as well as Jue yang singgah later.

I loved it, despite the strains of Arabic-esque music blaring cause it was windy, and really the best location to watch people just go about their business in the area.

The venue

Faz ala Angelina Jolie with Faizal's Ray Bans

Faizal - sorry bad pic dude!

Jojo pondering the mysteries of life.. katanya...

Camwhoring with my new mop (ala Marjorie dalam America's Next Top Model Cycle 11 lak with the Mia Farrow crop). It's supposed to look like something else tapi sebab pendek lagik my hair nak wat camna...

We chatted mostly pasal a project in works at the moment. Stayed till bout midnight and gerak balik.

Almost. Wanted to meet up ngan Adi from 6ixth Sense sebab esok dia balik Indonesia. No thanks to some interesting immigration rules, he can't apply for a permit as an artiste, as it's not considered permanent employment. Oleh kerana tuh, dia kena ulang alik something like every three months out of the country to Singapore nak cop passport tuk masuk balik and stay awhile before repeating the procedure.

Anyway the last time he did this last week, dia kena tegur sebab cop da banyak sangat, they said he had to go back Indonesia first, and then come back here. Aduh.. pening... so tomorrow dia nak balik.

Spoke to Jenniffer Thompson of Persatuan Akademi Industri Muzik Malaysia, and she explained memang problematic rules concerning 'foreign' artistes here. Waiting for her to get back to me on alternatives and options to help Adi out.

Surprised Karyawan tanak bersuara lak, since Adi IS a member of Karyawan and I would expect them to defend him, as technically, while he is an Indonesian, he is a Malaysian artiste - fronting a Malaysian band, signed on by a Malaysian recording outfit.

Oh well... the mysteries of life. Anyway sampai Bangsar ujan. So tak jadik nak jumpa dia and just borak jap kat phone. Singgah Pelita, and were joined by Alif, Ika and Mel in a while, kebetulan. We had to sit inside for once (which I hate) since it was pouring cats and dogs outside.

Alif maintain je makan sopan konon

Ika lak cam ngumpat jerk (matilah aku pasni Saida ngadu.. heh!)

Pas settle, I headed home, checked and replied emails and such, updated blog jap and ni nak tidur da. Esok seb baik my day starts later sebab ada something in the recording studio with Faz. Oops.. did I say too much?

Nanti je lah aku post. Feeling blonde at the moment, blur semacam. Tak cukup tido lagik ni. Have a good one, guys... and be posting tomorrow...



So Faz dah mula recording ke?
is it lagu from faizal tahir?
can't wait lah..hehe
pepun, all d best girl!!

korang spekulasi jer ek.. huahuahua