Thursday, November 13, 2008

Need a break

Serious lack of sleep taking over here. Tadi pun sempat nap jap while tunggu Faz call for time and location nak jumpa tuk temankan dia ke wrap party for Pisau Cukur which just finished shooting.

Masa napping late afternoon tadi pas settle semua kerja (yeay!!! my first script in Malay done!), Faz kaco my beauty sleep ajak ikut sekali temankan dia. Memula malas, tapi dia kata jom la je. So ok la... why not.

Picked her up and we went to Red Communications and Red Films nya office at about 8.30pm di Kelana Jaya.

First person bumped into was Maya, Had a chat, borak about a lot of stuff, none of which I'll repeat here. Being tired, cam takde mood makan, so Faz je layan. Aku steal some bites here and there je lor.

Next was Sharifah Sofea, who arrived with some extremely delicious home made vanilla and chocolate ice cream! Sedap gila! Better than most of the crap I tasted passing for ice cream.

Tengah borak and melayan everything going on (sebab not part of the cast ke production cam left out sikit kemeriahan), Umie lak tegur. Another round of gossip. Much festivities later, saja started cam whoring minus the rest of the cast yang tak muncul which included Aaron Aziz, Datuk Rahim Razali, Liyana Jasmay, Khatijah Tan and Nas-T as well as those who made cameo appearances like Nabil, Afdlin Shauki, Nabila Huda and Yasmin Yusuff.

Tak dapat la tengok Liyana wat 'showtime' dia yang lawak. Adalah... don't ask. Faz, Maya, Umie and I gelak tengok a recording of it on Faz punya phone jerk.

From left : (like you don't recognise them, and if you didn't you wouldn't care kan?).. the beauties of Pisau Cukur in Maya Karin, Sharifah Sofea, Nur Fazura Shariffudin and Umie Aida

Maya, Umie and Faz - this one with flash. Pucat muka semua terus!

Ni baru natural lighting sikit

Christmas came early as Faz handed out presents to the production crew yang smalam layan beli ngan dia kat Pavilion, tanda penghargaan kepada mereka and after poco-poco, and an adult version of musical chairs, we were on the way to Pelita for a short lepak session.

Aduh.. ngantuk.

Yeay yeay... esok da kat Johor. Tunggu!!!! Will post more of what's going on there besok!



Wah!!! saya nampak photo Klubbkitt dgn Stacy kat majalah MEDIA HIBURAN yg baru. Cute Stacy kat situ, Klubbkitt pulak cool


fazura yang cun sentiasa...Duh!!!

Macam adik beradik jer muka derang eh?

lina : dalam proses
liza : ada ke???
min : cam keta dalam knight rider lak. huahuahua...
aku : sapa? aku dan stacy ke? heh...