Thursday, November 27, 2008


Semalam relax sikit, so took up Faz's offer to join her for the Malaysian International Fashion Week 2008 at The Garden, Mid Valley. She was opening for Hatta Dolmat's collection. Bukan setakat opening je, she was his muse. Meaning of course, she was sort of his inspiration for his collection.

First show dia ni for the Bumiputra Designers Association show, and ada lagik satu on Saturday for envy magazine kalao tak silap aku.

Motif, aku pun nak feeling muse pakai pas masuk camni?

Anyway, it was max fun definitely sebab ramai sangat kengkawan about. Firstly there were the designers - who were all freakily flustered. Biasalah backstage time nak show je, ada je yang tak kena and panik merata. But things went pretty well except for a mistake in the running order, and a stupid model running into me and blaming me for being in her way padahal aku dok tepi dia yang ting tong. Heh... kalao accident langgar pokok mesti salahkan pokok kan?

Secondly fun sebab ada Liyana, Irma Hasmie and some other friends... fun sangat dapat lepak camni once in a while.

Anyway, congrats to Hatta for a very good collection. His attention to details has improved a lot, and I can see a shift in the aesthetics of many of the designers, with a more refined look to their collections. This includes Wanie, Nik, Anizam and Zery (paling improved aku rasa dari semua segi tapi tetap menggunakan koleksi Wangsuri kan!!! - matilah aku!)

Two of the collection yang menarik minat aku which I didn't expect was Khairi Sufi and Amir Luqman. Khairi especially menarik sebab dia sorang je tak muted collection dia. He was the only one that went all out with colours and used them well. Plus he has a certain flair and potential yang fresh sangat.

Hatta and two of his models

Faz and Liyana Jasmay (la la la la la la la la... sing with me.. !!! - matilah aku!)

Waheeda pun ada


Aku tak up for a lot of picture taking. Malas sangat. So sorry for the lack of pics.

Pas finish, we went for a bite at Alexis I think, and bumped into Sazzy, Dynas, Irma. Lola and her friends joined for makan, before temankan Faz gi shopping tuk barang keperluan (katanya) for her little holiday coming up.

Give me strength... no more handbags... no more handbags...

So we spent time running for her 'essentials' from MNG, then to Zara, then to pick up some stationery, then back to MNG.

Total haul - one bag, a pair of boots, a knit sweater, a leather jacket, and I think a top or two. I lose count. Heh... Aduh.. another earlu night.

Esok ada rehearsal for Kuala Lumpur International Film Festival which I'm also involved in. So kena spend whole day at PWTC. Seb baik ada Sarimah nak keep company since she gonna host the show. Ok la... until tomorrow's entry...

PS - Saw this book at MPH. Was torn between getting it or not. Balik baca sample and reviews... not bad. Amir cepat beli buku nih! Aku leh pinjam dari ko. Heh... me too many books da nak beli this month.



alooo joe,

awat hang pi mana2 pun musti ada fazura ah????

kirim salam bleh???


and good job on the blog.

frm -- man ex-MM (crime)

man mana ni ek??? lor.. kawan ma.... lepak skali kalao ada masa lor

Aik? Aku pulak kena beli?

Aku nak beli RAM la, dengan external hard disk.

Ni berapa menatang ni? Kalau hard cover, mapus aku.