Saturday, November 15, 2008

How does it feel

Hari ni bangun, plan was to go Singapore. Tapi tak jadik. Change of plans, and we made a move to Sebana Cove.

Part of everyone's luggage (love my hosts' shoes there)

Now, perhaps a little extra info. Aku sebenarnya get away nih ngan kengkawan, and am a guest of someone who I will speak of later.

All I can say is, today was an eye opener for me. Not only we moved everywhere with escorts, now I know how it feels to have about a dozen or so security personnel packing heat, accompanying you at all times. Never been in situation like this before...

Sampai on the way to Sebana, stopover kat Jusco in Tebrau City, everyone had to make way for our entourage of something like six or eight cars, not including police escorts. Cool bananas!

It was weird for me, but an exprience indeed.

An hour's drive and we were at Sebana Cove. Now if you have money, you stay at the apartments which cost something like RM200 a night. No biggie.... right?

We however stayed at the private Royal residences which had a gorgeous view of the marina as well as the Sebana and Santi rivers.

'My' room for the moment

The living room of he three bedroom two bathroom pad

The food awaiting our arrival

And finally.. the view surrounding us

The private backyard pool

The marina

The main public pool

So we just lounged about for the day. Took the buggies provided for a quick sightseeing trip about the place.

And of course everoyne jumped into the main pool later in the evening.

Letih gila by the end of it. Got some rest, and our host took us for seafood dinner. Can't eemember the name of the place, but it was good! Yummy.

And it was party timr pastuh back in Sebana.

Now... this is what I call a vacation...