Saturday, November 29, 2008


Damn! It's been a damn busy two days. I am seriously tired out. Semalam had to finish off the script, and with last minute changes and all, had to stay overnight and work things out with my fellow scriptwriter, Saniboey - aka the bimbo himself. Korang baca blog dia tau la dia molot poaka cam aku gak.

Cuma aku skang da insaf. Leh? Heh... beriya je insaf. Matilah ko...

But it was kind of fun, and it was my first real participation as a scripwriter in a live show, and was partly responsible for shaping the approach towards the show - well as far as a script could allow.

Worked closely with Sarimah - who was the host for the Kuala Lumpur International Film Festival, which was a blessing cause while everyone has different ideas and approaches, it is definitely easier working with friends. Ditto for Saniboey as well.

Masa rehearsal, I think I seriously spaced out because there were so many things that needed to be reworked, with many last minute changes coming our way. Tapi dalam pening, ok gak sebab had great people to keep my mind on track of what had to be done.

Sarimah losing it during the rehearsals.. things can get a little mad...

I think Zahid spaced out like me too.

And you thought this job was in any way glamourous? My view of the stage

After rehearsals were done, decided had a lot of work to do to clean up and tighten the script as well as repair the gaping holes left by the many changes.

I headed home, grabbed some stuff at about midnight, and about 2am was back at the hotel. Bimbo and I worked from about 3am, and completed everything was past 8am.

Memasing da ngantuk, tapi nak wat camna kan... tried to sleep but couldn't cause was hooked on watching CNN for their coverage of the Mumbai attacks.

A bimbo at work. The one on the phone lah. This was sometime noon when final changes were made. Dalam pic tu Azreen, wife Saniboey

Still managed to doze off about 9am, and woke up two hours later. After one last round of changes, had to finish off the cue cards and stuff. Besides was bloody hungry so went to grab lunch.

Before you know it, it was time to get ready.

More last minute changes

With last minute changes made, here and there, it was havoc and chaos as everyone began changing while making sure everything was going to go fine.

It takes this much for the transformation... and more...

Tuh dia gigih. Sambil wat rambut dan make-up sekali, leh lagik add her personal bits to the script. Rajin kak Mah

Finally managed to grab a bite, shower and head on down with Syarol who was my guest to lepak to watch the show. Dia belot jap, dari biasa support Dayang nak cheer on for Siti katanya.

Argh... still panicky. Will post more on the show and how it went later.