Friday, November 14, 2008

Here I am

Finally reached Johor. And thankful.

Thanks to it being Friday, with the jam and the coming weekend, the whole of bloody Kuala Lumpur was jammed! Never was so keen to get out of the city like this for some time off.

I swear... left Bangsar about 5pm. Got into the highway only aout 7.30pm! Arghhhh!!! Gila siot!

And reached Johor Bahru only about 10pm!

Checked into Regency Hotel By The Sea at The Zon. Never mind I was on the 13th floor (urgh... superstitious me)

Never stayed here before. The layout of the hotel reminds me of Concorde Hotel in Singapore.

Freshened up, caught up with friends yang da gerak dari KL awal tadik, and met up with our generous host fot the trip. Siapa ek? Nanti je la... had a good night out... even managed to catch up ngan kawan lama si Zaff yang skang keja kat JB.

Wonder what's the plan tomorrow...