Sunday, November 30, 2008

Going to sleep

Believe it or not, baru je nak crawl into bed since last night.

After ended the event, which thankfully went better than we expected after all the horrors that went down, decided to call it an early night. Sort of. Went to grab a bite at the post event, and then mamak kat Cheras ngan Syarol.

Wanted to head back to catch some Zs tapi da ngantuk sangat, sempat sampai kat Shah Alam je, pull over kat a petrol station tidur jap. Matilah kejap katanya, bangun pun da almost 7am! Mak aih... sempat aku tidur dalam hampir empat jam.

Terserlah keletihan akibat tidur a total of tiga jam je in 48 hours.

So how did the show go? Well... I would be biased in any of my comments. But I have to say my favourite performances were the opening act in Datuk Siti Nurhaliza - walaupun Kurik Kundi lagu lama, but it's still a good song plus rindu show dia yang all out camni, and the closing in Ning Baizura with the James Bond theme songs medley.

The Mamma Mia! tribute was decent too, with Zahid, Nita, Dafi and Suki doing better in the show than in the rehearsals.

The other bits were just somewhere between so-so and horrendous.

Dalam kesibukan sempat snap a few pics. Siap ngan camera lagik, tak malas pakai phone je.

Kavita sibuk with her Blackberry

Van Fan @ Fan Yi Chen, the star of Cape No. 7 - Taiwan biggest blockbuster of all time after Titanic

Tanaka Chie - remember her for the bit role in Initial D

Sisters Siti and Saida. So sweet both of them

Erra looking like a hot momma as usual

Abang Zulhuzaimy pas show persembahan lagu dari pementasan teater Impak Maksima The Musical

The couple, Zahid and Nita

Melly - wow she looks like Mas meets Missy Elliot

Tamara - Rama from Cicakman 2

Fahrin sempat camwhoring

Vee and Shidi

So that was KLIFF 2008, guys. A bit of drama here and there with a star bringing her entourage (orang luar), presenters yang show up just as the show started and much more events I will not state here.

Still, it was a fun learning experience for me tuk kerja sebalik tabir dalam disiplin yang aku tak penah cuba, so I cherish the experience.

Now I really need to recuperate from it...



Good experience, KANNNN?


Dude. Aku hilang Blackberry.

Check your yahoo.

Jumpa ko kat Pantai Dalam?

Where have you been???
Flat dan pancit terus ker.... U kena excercise nih..built up stamina..:-D

Good job with the KLIFF 2008.