Friday, November 07, 2008

Despite it all...

Yes, like the title of this entry goes. Walaupon mata masih merah (tapi keadaan aku dari segi lain dah tip top), I managed to make it for the Anugerah Skrin 2008.

Feeling a lot better by noon tadik, I pulled together something (tatau nak pakai apa before settling for my vintage pinstripe DKNY jacket yang tak penah pakai, couple with that ripped monochrome tee and a pair of bootcuts - yes, me celebrating the death of skinnys).

Was at PWTC by 8pm, waiting for Faz and Jue to show up. Met them, along with Maya and Lin shortly in the carpark and naik sekali.

Can I just say this? Someone better put a disclaimer on escalators that long dresses are potential death traps! Or at least key to embarrassing situations sebab the length of those outfits can just cause it to sangkut and setting up for one of those home video show fodder.

Wanita-wanita Pisau Cukur - Faz and Maya (Lin tengok apa tuh?)

Walaupun dapat invitation as guest, not covering the event as media, aku lebih suka dok ngan kengkawan wartawan sebab leh sesama carot.

Have to say though, this year, the stage looked better, despite being a relatively simple set-up.

Wow! Lotsa lights!

While the show was quite ok, there were some points that spoilt the night.

For one the fashion. Some people just got it so wrong, from guests, to presenters, to performers, to winners. I won't mention the usual fashion faux pas cause you guys got to see it all on TV. Will mention one though.

Kalao korang perasan Daphne Iking's dress tuh memang singkat, but lagik sakitkan mata was seluar our national asstronaut (oops.. sincere typo there) Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor Sheikh Mustapha yang was about four inches too short! How come no one told me the Michael Jacskon look was back in again. Seb baik dia tak pakai stoking putih jer... kalao tak I'd half expect him to start moonwalking.

Ok, so the dude has been in space and probably doesn't know it's so wrong to see someone with that look, but I believe he didn't leave us in the Eighties and just return kan? Maybe it was just a longing in another way to do moonwalking sebab dapat jadik space tourist je sebelom nih pon. AND get a Datuk for it (but then Shah Rukh Khan got one too... so go figure)

Anyway, ever since he became a tourist courtesy of Malaysian taxpayers, and is now charging thousands for 'motivational talks' (so that's the greater good that they were talking about... and how many million was spent?) he can bloody afford to buy a decent wardrobe dari ulang tayang the same damn suit every time he's in public. Honestly!

Pic diamik dari forum. If this belongs to you, please leave a comment and whom I should credit to. Don't you think Faz just looks cute here!

Sheesh... plus a lot of other ugly outfits malam tuh. Including some silver trash bags passing for dresses, cheap ass wraps that doubled for outfits and so on. The list is endless.

Performances were so-so, but I think the highlight (nak carot tak abih kot) was Faizal Tahir. Adibah Noor was her usual fantastic self, but I think her combination ngan Lah Ahmad tak menjadi. She was struggling to keep her voice in an effort to allow Lah to keep up, which I think was sad because both of them have beautiful voices but were just sadly mismatched. Let's see, Datuk Siti Nurhaliza was also yummy in her performance, though I think the costumes were a little too RTM.

The script was horrible, and I know a lot of people ad-libbed. Even Aznil (congrats bang on another win for your show) and Zulhuzaimy yang orang dok gelak sebab lawak meka sebenarnya main boh je skrip sendiri. Yeap.. it wasn't on the cards ok. But the result... some of the funnier moments as our artistes proved they can come up with better lines than some scriptwriters.

Winners? Mixed bag, so not going to comment, cause it was a little for everyone, which I guess was a good thing. Nak wish congrats to several friends like abang Mamat Khalid, kak Yasmin Ahmad, Gaya and her Tayangan Unggul outfit for their wins. To Osman Ali dan kengkawan lain yang nominated but didn't win, nevermind. Lain kali ek... you guys rocked by even getting the nominations and massively proud of you guys.

Tapi pening ramai tak muncul. Masa Nasha Aziz menang, tension kak Nasha takde, so called up the darling and wished her congratulations. Yeay! Aku first katanya. Nasha kata dia dapat invite only on Tuesday so tak sempat prepare celah kesibukan dia, so tak jadik datang, tapi aku leh dengar that she was watching the live show on TV.

Pas abih on the way out, bumped into wanita cantik sorang ni. Guess who? Kak.. sorry ler camera flash tak cukup terang. Heh.. ampun!

Vee you look flawless la!

Singgah jap Press Room nak wish congrats to friends for the wins. Kak Min jumped up immediately to hug me! Yes.. yes.. about time woman you won something! I am proud of you! Ko susah susah harumkan nama negara ngan karya ko, and still so many people find it difficult to accept your work closer to home even though you celebrated abroad. Go figure.

By the way, abang Mamat, carut pun aku sokong ko. Heh... aku pegang kata kata ko yang Kala Malam Bulan Mengambang ko wat watak non-Malay tak pelat and all sebab dengar cakap aku. Katanya.. walaupun... huahuahua... royalty mana???? Matilah aku!

Big winners!

And then it was on to the post party aka the makan time. Since got there before most of the crowd, sempat nak down a few bites before everyone poured in the dewan. By then da start cam whoring da.

Ni some pics yang sempat.

Grinning silly bila dengan Datuk Seri Farid Redzuan

By request pembaca blog - si Amethyst, here's Que

By another request (tak hengat sapa) ni Farid Kamil lak pas shave (insaf katanya... merasalah!)

Sarah babe.. you scare me! Hugs!

Zamarul, congrats! Lain kali jangan sebut pada DIA... lupa ek ngan NA kat belakang nama orang tuh. Heh... matilah!

Sorry kak Kelly tak dapat letak pics kita. Heh! Terlampau mesra katanya! Kang orang ingat aku nak bodek ko lak. Kang nanti separuh akhir nanti we taking taking lagik pics bersama yang lebih sopan ek!

Ni some other pics for fans of Fazura. Hope you guys like it!

Faz with kawan baik, Maya.

Faz ngan erm.. Liyana Jasmay? Was it? Tak cam lak.

Faz ngan kawan baik sorang agik si Diana Rafar.

Sekali ngan Remy Ishak and Osman Ali

With some other friends. Sorry tapi I only know Chery Samad, KB (kawan baik la tuh) si Faz.

We then decided to leave. Took us ten minutes or more. Langkah kuar je, Faz kena serbu photographers. So kena la photo session jap. Layan... majoriti kengkawan Press. So no hal. Besides, it was obvious Faz was a favourite malam tuh. And I have to say, I'm thankful she didn't overdo it with a simple Hatta Dolmat dress which was modest, and tak ikut ramai yang konsep tak cukup kain. By the way, Faz insisted on the design on her own ok!

Pas layan Press, layan lak peminat yang stop dia on the way to the carpark. Letih gak... heh. Tapi pompuan ni konsep Energizer Bunny so takpe.

Had a quick meeting with Faz kat Bangsar jap sebab ada benda nak discuss. Adalah. Upcoming project. Lain sikit dari the usual stuff. An hour plus, sent her back home and headed back Bangsar lepak bebudak 6ixth Sense jap.

I completed this entry at about 5am, pas abih layan pics yang leh publish. Tomorrow is sleep day, and pastuh ada some plans nak lepak. Yerlah.. memandangkan da elok demam nih. Yahoo!!!

Be posting more tomorrow...

Pic Faz, krew penerbitan and tenaga kerja TV3 (tu kak Kelly in brown headscarf and specs) dan kengkawan media and I (new haircut tak nampak sangat but sikit-sikit ler). Pic courtesy (aka dicuri) dari Sam Kassim, manager Noryn Aziz (matilah kan aku kredit penuh!)



Fazura win the best dress. Beautiful, simple and classic look Faz.

Hi Joe, Kak Jah dah lama x online... so baru tau u dah pindah rumah.. congrats!

jOE...Fazura tetap gorgeous and simple di hati gua :)

well you guys can puji faz punya personal sense of style sebab dia yang design the outfit made by hatta dolmat.

kak jah.. berbulan da! aiyo! kenapa lama tak singgah?

min.. always!'s my first time sparing my free time to dropby ur blog...i was there that night and too bad i dont go for the post-party which i believe is wonderful(cuz my partner had cramps,so we dcided to go back)so x dpt la tgk artists in their gorgeous outfits....i love ur whole idea of the blog!! and yeah fazura,she's stunning!! and dont u hav any nora danish's(mama hott) pitcha? i really hope to see more pitcha of those fabulous artistes...if u ade..upload la...heheh share it with us...

well adie. blog aku da over four years... and it's not about artists but my life and my friends. but kalao ada tuh ada lor. aku bukan papparrazi pon. huahuahua


ko ambik pix faz tu kat cari ker??
kalu nick langkasuka tu aku la..
kredit kn tuk aku..