Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas shopping by mail

Ok so I know it's a little too early for people to begin Christmas shopping. Unless of course you've been in the malls and you realise that the sales are beginning soon.

So I've already begun surfing the Internet thinking what I would really want, because am sick and tired everytime the season comes about, I don't know what to answer when people ask me, "So what DO you want for Christmas?". Yes, world peace and all that, but none of the people I know can afford to get that, so we'll just be slaves to commercialism.

Anyway, here are the top 12 gifts I would love to receive come Christmas. Yes, the Internet is a wonderful place to shop. Not only do you get what I want, and not have to deal with the problem of traffic, parking, wasted money here and there as well as hassled Metrojaya staff - you also get something that will give me endless joy with a unique gift- that I want - at a very decent price, plus shipping and handling.

Why 12? There are 12 days to Christmas ma... so a dozen things below I would like to get this Christmas is... something like that...

1.MyTunes Mini Amplifier Speaker at USD$30 for MP3 players. Awesome!
CLICK HERE to get it for me.

2.The Teddy Bear Lamp for only USD$130. Too cute! Except if you don't like headless teddy bears...
CLICK HERE to get it for me!

3. Coca Cola Glasses which look like the can version for USD$17 for a set of six.
CLICK HERE to get it for me!

4. Facebank - the piggy bank that literally swallows your money for USD$46. A novelty that will keep me amused. Watch the video on the official site. Kinda scary, but awesome!
CLICK HERE to get it for me!

5. USB Air Conditioned Shirt for USD$169 to cool off inside out with a simple USB connection. No more sweaty pits!
CLICK HERE to get it for me!

6.Bedfan - The Personal Between The Sheets Bed Fan at USD$80 to cool between the sheets. Much more 'cooler' than the conventional air conditioning in bed.
CLICK HERE to get it for me!

7. Bluetooth Retro Handset at USD$29.99 to be different. Not exactly hands free but awesome! Definitely an attention grabber!
CLICK HERE to get it for me!

8. Retro Phone Headset for USD$29.99 only (plus USD$4.99 for adaptor) to be totally weird for no apparent reason but to stand out. Silly but too cool! Yes, this is real!
CLICK HERE to get it for me!

9. Stainless steel 8GB Video Watch with 1.8"" screen! For get cellphone watches! I want this for just USD$119.99
CLICK HERE to get it for me!

10. ION USB Cassette Deck to turn all my old cassettes into digital music for USD$129.99.
CLICK HERE to get it for me!

11. Steel gauntlets with a chrome finish for USD$59.99. (Don't ask me why)
CLICK HERE to get it for me!

12. A chain mail shirt for USD$99.99 to USD$199.99 (Large please - and again, don't ask me why)
CLICK HERE to get it for me!

And if all else fails, you guys can just get me anything with Gucci (yang original je ek) or something that I can use in my daily life (another mobile phone or laptop would be nice). Heh... demand.... but I'd take any gifts. The guide above is just me wishful thinking je.

Sapa nak post kan mintak alamat ek! Or if al else fails, bank into my account je any amount. Matilah.... planning puas puas punya tuk pastikan ada habuan. Heh....


Ayways... semalam dan ari ni KEPITA bersidang. Busuk tol nama... ni keja si Jijie (tak kuasa nak eja Gjie feeling glamer). Bebudak 6ixth Sense smalam berkumpul tanpa Adi yang lom balik dari kampung. Like I said dia kena balik sebab situation kena renew permit nak masuk balik. Stupid deal really... nak wat camna...

Hari ni lak berkumpul ngan Faz, Sarol, Jue dan Eja. Just a little pictorial before sleep. Esok kena gi Sri Pentas awal pagik lak. Ada pengumuman mereka yang layak ke semifinal Muzik Muzik, dan takleh sebut sapa lagik tapi ramai kawan kawan layak.

Tunggu je next entry ok... meanwhile... will leave you guys with this...

Ni apa kes ni pose feeling comel nak majuk???

Sekor lagik angau ber-Blackberry

Menarik sangat ke semua leh layan skali?

Promosi kopi jantan? Heh... pose pon nak show off drinks memasing ke...



kita suka pic no 3!
hahaha..muka fazura mcm sengih semcm tapi look very happy...huhu