Saturday, November 22, 2008

Blues over white

Are you a vagitarian? (no I did not spell that wrong) If so you in deep shit. But read for yourself by CLICKING HERE on the Malaysian Department of Islamic Development's (Jakim) explanation on the fatwa or religious ruling made a month ago on butch women in the paper today.

Carpet munchers, beware! They beginning the witch hunt.

Erm... I reserve any comments on the issue. And for those affected, I would say find your inner peace to deal with this. But try not falling back on yoga, cause the National Fatwa Council has made the announcement that they have ruled that yoga is haram for Muslims.

So it's obvious I have too much time to catch up with reading the rags. Ni baru balik my cousin's wedding reception. Gawd... weddings used to be beautiful for me. Now they're just bloody depressing. Just sets me off into the blues.

And I'm not even talking about the bad decor, the horrible dress sense of guests or the rude behaviour of those who have had one too many drinks.

Though the decor was pretty bad at the venue just now.

Exhibit A - Abuse of lampu lip lap sana sini.. of all colours!

Exhibit B - Lanterns fashioned into bug zappers

Exhibit C - archway... tacky

Exhibit D - someone decided to recycle fugly Christmas decor

Still dinner wasn't too bad, plus I am happy for my cousin. He and his blushing bride make for a good couple, so congrats cuz!

Headed home with my folks and felt too buggered lazy to go out walaopon cam bosan. Bluesy... maybe it's just the wedding getting me down. It's hard to be single at 32. But I remind myself, I'd rather be alone than be lonely with someone as I've been before. Besides I have so much I have yet to achieve, so focus is a priority...

So maybe things aren't all that bad...

Watching the finale of America's Next Top Model Cycle 11 which I've been trying to find time to watch. Yeay! McKey Sullivan won!

Just a bit of a bummer she wasn't up against Analeigh for the final, cause I thought Sam was just a yawn. Tengok muka dia cam Whitney pun ada. Nothing special. Now if my other favourites like McKey like Lauren Brie or Elina had not been eliminated, things would have made for a better climax to the end of the season.

Tried a marathon of all the cycles of Britain's Next Top Model just to pass time, but this version is so crap, I quit after one episode. And I thought the Australian one was a bore. At least I've watched that in its entirety.
When does the next season of Project Runway US and Australia start already...



idiot, put lar spoiler ahead, no point of me watching the ANTM anymore! Hish

huahuahua... thought you would get it by now. besides its all over the news anyway. LOL!

you mean you actually thought someone could have won??? LOL!