Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ampun Tuanku

Went fishing today on our hosts' suggestion which was fun.

Took a boat out, and when we finally reached the spot, joran semua kuar, and the fishing began. Tapi sadly, about ten minutes later, it began to rain and we had to make our way back to the marina.

Scenario ala Perfect Storm sangat time tuh (as RMJ aptly put it). Despite that I actually enjoyed the trip more cause it was sort of adventurous... not to mention funny.

So for the experience (the fishing trip and the holiday overall), a big thank you to my very gracious host, Duli Yang Amat Mulia Raja Muda Johor Tunku Ismail Idris Abdul Majid Abu Bakar Iskandar Ibni Tunku Ibrahim Ismail, the grandson of the Sultan of Johor.

Walaupun cuba lupakan blogging tuk beberapa hari, I just had to take photos of my host Tunku Ismail walaupun kerisauan my phone would drop in the river.

Amik ko... menggeletar tangan aku nak pastikan type bebetol nama.

Tunku Ismail memang very relaxed and the coolest royal I have ever met. Not to mention one of the handsomest. Almost makes me wish I was Johorean. Heh... thank you so much Tunku for the great time and have a safe trip to Argentina soon ok. Jangan lupa buah tangan kalao ingat ingat kita ni.

Esok da start ada meeting and event. Arghhh... so lazy to get back to regular life.



wooo... so lucky to get to go for a holiday... I'm stuck here... exams time...exhausted here...

demam dah baik?

woah.. he is memang good looking.. his brothers and sister is also good looking. :p the best looking malaysian royal family kut.

Jo.. sory tanya.. betul ke I dengar last time rumours between Tunku and Faz.. is it true?

sori nyibuk..
faz pun ikut sekali ke kan?
kat gossip cari ade mamat keje kat sebana mentioned pasal rmj ade kat bilik faz masa maid tgh clean up the room..
khabarnya lahh.
tapi kalau ade org lain ikut sama, dats gud enuf :)

waaaaaaa untung joe dpt gi holiday ngan raja muda tue.......huhu.... handsome siut die........