Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Weird and whacky

Been busy preparing several unimportant things, like the Halloween 'do this Saturday. Aduh, clash lak ngan a private party a friend is throwing for his birthday. Camna nih.

Anyway, back to my preparations for the Halloween event, which will be held the day after the actual All Hallows Eve celebrations, pening nak run about trying to get things together.

Thanks to the lovely KL jam, and janji yang nan ado kengkawan, I was only left rushing about with nothing to show for in a few hours.

Singgah the Aidilfitri event with Akademi Fantasia, but didn't stay long. It was nice to see the gathering of fans and all, but maybe me too much da bab open house da tak larat with the festivities da kot.. plus sebab da janji a couple more places and had to zoom off.

Sempat snappy a few pics as usual. Sorry pada fans of Riz and Nadia sebab tak sempat snappy, as well as several others. Ni je yang aku mampu.

Closed the night with a Pelita session as usual. There were more CMs there than ever! CM meaning control macho - jenis yang dok sana pose berangan.

Which is of course a natural occurrence there whenever Faz is around, sebab jantan-jantan semua cam nak give off an air of, that look at me thing. Eewwww! What men to to try and impress women...

Both of us were having a chat when Linda dropped by, having a meeting with several friends there as well.

Suka tau pose pose peace nih!

Ni posing ke ngumpat?

Talked to Linda about what happened masa results show Sehati Berdansa. Kan dia announce pasangan Asheed tuh cam excited gila kan?

Well, actually she was supposed to do the build up, tapi akibat miscommunication gituh, si Fahrin took her lines. Dia lak ended up announcing and it just came out wrong and she sounded cam excited lak nak announce the eliminated couple. Dia da since then mintak maap on air anyways.

Simple human error lor. Sometimes we do that. Just as long as we learn from our mistakes ok la tuh.

Syed joined us later, and pas an hour or so, Faz left sebab esok shooting awal. Then slowly the rest of the group singgah, termasuk bebudak 6ixth Sense. Berejam la duduk. Ok la.. nak gi settle some things and get some sleep. Night all...

Sama tak Adi ngan my lion keychain?

PS - Will post my double episode Heroes review soon... sorry for the delay.

PS lagik dan lagi - Camna ek bunyi kalao Fazura nyanyi?



e ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...ada adi..hukhuk

kk, lama i tak drop komes kat sini.. just masuk & baca je..

-kelab pop amat meriah tau! sakit2 perut ketawa especially part perposing kat basikal!

-the gorgeous fazura can sing kan.. i read somewhere, kata nya mula2 dtg kl jumpa kru nak jd singer.. tp takpe, dia belakon mmg vass!

tu je, take care & hv a nice day!