Saturday, October 25, 2008

A normal Saturday night - not so for me

Been a long time sejak I do anything remotely like normal, like go out for dinner and movies and stuff.

Smalam, thanks to Sarol for the dinner. Lain kali aku belanja lak ek. Hope you liked the place. Mouth-watering tak. It's a Chinese restaurant (depan je balai polis Brickfields) called Merdeka. Halal ok.. and prices ok, taste pon sodap. If you guys wanna try some halal Chinese food, this is the place.

Makan dua orang, tapi ya ampun, order tak hengat nih.

Anyway area sana, as well as perjalalan nak ke KL my goodness, packed ngan last minute shoppers for the Deepavali rush. Amik ko... dari highway dari Klang sampai ke KL.

So this is why they call it the festival of lights...

Rempits - like stray dogs, wander in packs. Dah la nunggang cara merbahaya beramai-ramai, kat main road highway lak tu instead of motorcycle lane.

Tuk elak jam, went for a movie kat Mid Valley Megamall. Check out this car spotted there. Erm... in a way I suppose it was uniquely nice, tapi mak aih siap ngan interior dia tema warna tuh!

Dude! Someone painted your car pink.. erm.. no? You mean they didn't run out of paint?

Feather boa and furry pink and white lining tuh!

We didn't have long to wait for the movie to start. Sempat snappy upcoming movie nih. Kenapa cam familiar sangat ek. Heh... cam two of my favourite actresses je.

Yeay!! Faz and Nani!

By the way, kalao nak letak ad carik orang tuk keja, erm.. check betol betol ek apa yang ko advertise tuh.

So you're sweet, pleasant, energetic with a positive mindset and want to be filled in by that many people???
I'll be sure to called ok! Matilah...

So we watched... The House Bunny!!!

Not too bad. Worth a laugh. Actually better than that. Kelakar nak mampos. Ok la tuh. It's a little brain dead, tapi lawak dia takla ngarut slapstick, and there were some things most of the audience found hard to get ("Oh, well at least you have your T&A")

Went for a drink and headed back. Seriously whole town roadblock sana sini. Kaw kaw nya... me like! Roadblocks during festive times are good. Especially kalao :
1. You don't drink
2. You already on the way, not going out while friends screaming for you to be on time.
3. It's like a giant parking lot so leh ramah mesra ngan kuarga dan commuters lain kat sebelah kiri dan kanan.
4. Ko leh enjoy a wide variety of music (kalao dapat jenis yang nak tayang how much they spent on their sound system but not on their collection of CDs)
5. You get a laugh when the guy yang cut you off speeding tadik kena tahan, and the rempits racing past you lintang pukang lari tinggalkan motor pastuh.

Ok.. so I know I have to wash my windscreen

Ok... calling it a night...